Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my review site and for spending a few minutes to know a bit more about me. Let me start by giving you a quick background on how my passion for hunting developed.

You see, my grandfather was a famous hunter in America. I had the privilege of going hunting with him because you could say that among all his grandchildren, I was the apple of his eye. Since I was truly excited to take part in a new adventure, I obliged my grandfather’s request to join him when he would go out hunting. To be honest, however, I did not really enjoy it at first. When you’re a kid and you’re trying to learn the ropes of this hobby, you’re required to have enormous amounts of patience. And as a kid, all I had was enormous amounts of energy. Nonetheless, having frequently accompanied my grandfather with his hunting trips, I slowly learned how to love and learn hunting. Still, that is not to say that these came easy. In fact, it took me a few more years to learn the rules of hunting. As time passed by, I learned helpful tips and strategies on my own and from other hunters. But I will always owe it to my grandfather for allowing me to be a part of his craft and learn from him. He will always be my hero in hunting.

My passion in hunting inspired me to share about the strategies I have learned from my grandfather and from my own experience. In my hunting life, I consider the Trail Camera as one of the most important gears among my hunting equipment. If you have never used one, I strongly suggest that you try it. A trail camera enables me to have eyes over the woods 24/7, even while I am actually busy inside the house preparing dinner. Furthermore, I do not use it just for hunting. I realized that I am hitting two birds in one shot because the trail camera is actually an efficient way to monitor our 7.5 acres of land!

Just recently, I brought two cellular game cameras and noticed that reviews were lacking. Incidentally, I also found that there were also very insufficient reviews about trail cameras. I was astonished how this could happen to a gadget which has conveniently helped me with hunting all these years!That was the point where I decided I needed to share practical knowledge about hunting and trail camera reviews through a proper platform.

I strongly believe that it is an ideal huntsman’s priority to select the perfect gear for his hunting.  The mission of this site is simple: to share hunting tips and tricks which are helpful for both beginner and advanced-level hunters. I continuously search for the best hunting gears and that is whyI regularly review various types of Trail or Game Cameras and binoculars, along with other typesof awesome hunting equipment that can help us be the best in our field‎.


If you want to stay updated with the latest news on hunting gears and equipment, please feel free to check out the rest of my site and subscribe.


Enjoy the hunt!


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