Best Trail Camera Buying Guide

Best Trail Camera Buying Guide
Trail Camera Buying Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a trail or game camera? However, you will  need to know  few things before buying trail camera. In this trail camera buying guide, you can learn the useful tips about buying a trail camera.

Detection Circuit:

The detection circuit is a one of the most important functions of a trail camera. This detection circuit use on a trail camera to detect the animal. Detect Circuit is combines of three parts.

These are:

  1. Trigger Time

Trigger Time is a quantity of times to take a snap once an animal put into detection zone.

  1. Recovery Time

Recovery time is how as soon as possible a picture can be taken and stored in a storage then be ready for capture second one.

  1. Detection Zone (Range)

Detection zone is a covered area of monitoring of a trail camera. Two main things work in the detection zone. Which are Detection Width and Detection Range. Some camera has narrow detection Range.

It would be a wise choice for you. If you can consider a wide detection range enabled trail cameras. But Narrow Detection zone has a silly benefit as well. Narrow Detection Zone Enabled a Trail camera, take pretty good pictures.

Battery Life

Powerful battery Sets of a trail camera are very vital factor before buy. Extended battery life can save your money.Not only that, it is hassle free to change battery sets frequently. Some Trail Cameras offering 1 year of  battery durability . Three types of battery mainly used on trail camera.

  1. AAA Type Batteries
  2. Lithium Batteries
  3. NiMH batteries

We strongly recommended Nickel metal hydride batteries. The Benefits of NiMH batteries are:

  • Cost Effective Than Lithium
  • Charges Last Long Then Lithium Ion Battery
  • Durable More Durable then Lithium Ion Battery

External Power Supply

Recent trail cameras have an input option to add external power supply. If you are far away from your installed trail camera, Buying of an external power supply could be a great decision for you. That back up your battery life very much.

Solar Power Panels

Solar power panel technology is now a great innovation nowadays. It will help you to back up your trail camera battery life. You can relax for 2 or 3 years without any hassle.

Video Quality

Now Most of trail camera offering video recording features. Even Many trail cameras can capture HD video with quite good sound quality. So that you can use a trail camera not only hunting purposes, but also you can use as a surveillance camera as well.

Picture Quality

Trail cameras generally offering 3 to 10 megapixels image resolution. But You will not find any difference between them, Because the trail camera not using the high quality camera lens like digital cameras. But It is okay to get decent images from trail cameras. Many trail cameras offer burst mode and multiple shoots’ mode.


The memory card is a good option to store more image and video files. Most trail cameras support up to 32 GB. That are very sufficient to store enough media files. High Speedy Memory card not essential for trail cameras, Because Speedy cards do not work well in trail cameras. These are for high end digital cameras. And also Extended battery life saving option will reduce the data writing speed. So It does nothing with slower machine with speedy card. Even it can cause horrible experience!


The security issue is a vital for you. You have to take necessary step to protect your tail camera from thieves. So you have to install your trail camera in a safer place. You need to invest little money to buy security boxes and cables.

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