Best Trail Cameras under $100

Trail Camera Buying Guide

Birds are chirping and a herd (of deer) is skipping incautiously until BANG! A sign stands saying “Open Season”. Once Open Season arrives, the hunters will play and as they play, some toys would be vital for a better hunting experience. There are many equipment that hunters consider essential in their craft and one of it includes the trail camera.

Of course, hunting targets won’t just stand still as hunters locate them and try to shoot them down for a kill. Though there is an abundance of prey, tracking them is actually strenuous even for seasoned hunters – how much more for amateurs. Tracking skills for hunters are extremely important alongside with guns and ammos. Without being able to spot a prey, no matter how great your accuracy is or how ready your kits are,your efforts would be plainly useless. Tracking skills can be nurtured through time but why wait when you can avail a trail camera for less than a $100?

A trail camera could assure a 100% catch! Many trail cameras are available but they come with a very pricey amount. Ideally, you must make sure first that your chosen trail camera is worthy of its price and if not, more than its worth. There are many factors that you must consider in identifying a good trail camera.

Foremost, you must consider the resolution of the camera. The resolution identifies on how detailed the end product or the pictures taken by the trail camera are. You must also take into consideration the detection zone or the coverage the camera covers. With this, you could have better judgment on where to place the camera. Flashes are also important for trail cameras especially if your target comes out more often at night. You may choose your flash to be either infrared or incandescent. Of course, they have their advantages and disadvantages. In choosing the flash of your trail camera, you might want to consider these things:

  • Infrared flashis far less expensive than incandescent flash.
  • Incandescent flash is a bit slower in taking pictures than infrared flash, but delivers superior and high detailed images.
  • Infrared flash doesn’t scare animals as they take pictures.
  • Incandescent flash consumes more energy than infrared flash.

Other considerations in choosing a good trail cameras are trigger speed and recovery, internal memory, expandable capacity,and many more. Some newly invented trail cameras even have remote access, area mapping, and a built-in viewer.

With a budget of $100, some might be lacking features but these models are some of the best trail cameras that are under $100.

Best Trail Cameras under $100 Price List

Model Name Price (Approximately)
Bushnell 6MP Trophy Cam Essential Trail Camera with Night Vision Approximately $80
Moultrie A% with Low Game Camera Approximately $65
Moultrie M-990i Game Camera (2014 Model) Approximately $100
Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Gen 2 Low Glow 5.0 MP Camera, Green Approximately $75
Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera Approximately $65

With a $100 as your budget, buying a trail camera with amazing features is somewhat rare, but at least you got a trail camera that is more than its worth. That, itself, is something to be proud of. So, if you decide to avail a trail camera under $100, just consider the features presented for a good deal. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy an expensive brand. It means that you just have to find the right camera that is worthy of its price.


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