Blusmart 12MP HD Infrared Wireless Trail Camera Review

If you want a camera that has excellent build at the right price, then this camera is the answer. It is not only perfect for hunting or observing wildlife, but it works well as camera surveillance for your home or property security. Added to this, this camera can be regarded as a special phone since it has MMS function. It has garnered several positive feedback from infrared trail camera reviews. Here in the Blusmart 12MP HD Infrared Wireless Trail Camera Review, some of its compelling and helpful key features:

Special phone function

If you are still out on the trail or out camping, there is no need for you to wait until you get home to tell your friends all about your adventure. You can tell them how great your outdoor adventure is and send them photos real time. It can send SMS, MMS, emails and even pictures using a standard SIM card to any mobile device via GPRS network. This is perfect for today’s social and digital era.

Easy viewing

If you’re uncomfortable with viewing images on the device itself, have no more worries. You can now get to watch your day’s work through its 2.0” colored LCD screen. You can also have fun with your family and friends watching the photos you have captured and the videos you have recorded on a bigger screen at home. This camera can be connected to a TV via a TV cable. This enables convenient viewing and gives worthwhile user experience.

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Wireless controller

It can be controlled up to a 9-meter distance with its portable wireless remote control. You can set it up inconspicuously so you can observe your subject, such as a deer without scaring them off, at a safer distance. You can change settings or enter your password without having to punch it in in the camera controls. The phone can control the camera by sending a text command to turn it off or conveniently set it on standby.

36 IR LED’s

High quality pictures and videos can be automatically shot because of its 36-piece infrared LED bank and infrared thermal technology. This is a great feature since it can take up to 8-megapixels images and up to 1080 pixels high-definition video clips. Night vision lighting can reach up to 65 feet or approximately 20 meters. It is perfect to take pictures or videos from a distance during daytime or nighttime. This makes the adventure extra exciting and extraordinary.

Overall performance

Getting great value for our money is what our top priority is as consumers. With this Blusmart model, you’re getting a high performing camera that can be used not only for outdoor fun and wildlife studies. It also has the ability to keep your home secure.  It is also an energy saving camera and weather-resistant. Its battery lasts long and it can be powered by regular 4-8 AA batteries. These enable it to perform in a commendable manner.

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  • Images up to 8 megapixels and 1080P HD videos with sound
  • Password protected so no one can just use it when lost
  • It has USB port, TV out, and TF card holder
  • Memory TF card supports 8-32 GB
  • Water and cold resistant
  • Detects accurately because of its unique laser pointer
  • Wireless remote control of up to 9 meters range
  • Has antenna and sends pictures, SMS, MMS and email through GPRS
  • 2.0 inch display screen
  • Selectable 1080P/720P/VGA  video and 8-5 mp image resolutions
  • 0.7 seconds trigger speed
  • Night vision lighting and PIR distance up to 65 feet
  • Can be controlled by phone to turn it off or set on standby mode
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequency bands
  • Need to setup phone numbers and email address in the disc file through a computer.
  • Most of the infrared trail camera reviews stated that this modeltakes some time to set up and get fully operational.
  • Users get confused as to the SIM card they need to use
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Final Verdict

Technology has been invented, developed and improved to help us accomplish things that are normally difficult to do. It is definitely meant to make our lives easier and more fun. Certainly, many will find a certain product very helpful, and there are those who won’t. However, those who have made infrared trail camera reviews have stated that this camera has lived up to their expectations. Stating that they are completely satisfied with the product and it is indeed ideal for camping trips. Looking at its features, one can say that it is indeed a great buy and worth your money, especially for people who love the outdoors.

You can shoot photos of fascinating animals in their natural environment and magnificent scenery. It will definitely make you capture the moment on your trips and relive them with family and friends on a bigger screen when you get home. Besides its function that leans toward entertainment, it can also be used to help keep your homes secure.

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