Browning Dark OPS Review

Is hunting your passion? Are you keen in game surveillance? Or are you a wild life photographer, interested in capturing the very precious moment of the animals and birds’ lives? If you have chosen to buy a game camera or a trail camera, your decision is the perfect choice. Any professional wild life photographer will strongly suggest browning trail camera above any other brand, taking into account its excellent features and Browning dark ops review in the entire digital market.

Infrared flash- invisible to the poser

Browning dark ops features an invisible infra-red flash system that enables you to capture the perfection from your subject. You can understand the worthiness of capturing the real moment, if you are a wild life photographer. This camera will be in synchronization with your passion for capturing the birds and animals, without being notice. There would be a change in pattern of the movement in animals or birds, when they see a stranger on their path. This camera, because of invisible flash system, helps a lot in capturing the subject’s movement undisturbed and hence images are 100% live.

Fastest trigger time and high end picture quality

Browning dark ops has got one of the fastest trigger times of the age. It has been calculated to be 0.67 seconds; the trigger time is very much friendly for continuous shots. Along with this, it also records videos for up to 2 minutes without a stop. When browning dark ops reviews speak of fastest trigger time and greater video coverage, we should also note that this camera has 10MP picture quality that promises high-end image capturing. This camera also features invisible night vision LED illumination, which has helped a lot in capturing nocturnal animals with ease.

Small case size and large memory size

This is one feature that we all wish for, be it in any gadget we hold. The product should be considerably small and sleek, but the benefit we get from it has to be enormous. Browning has taken care of this customer view in its product. Browning trail camera dark ops has got 4.5” x 3.25” x 2.5” case, compact enough to carry around, whereas an expandable memory of up to 32GB helps one capturing pictures without worrying about the memory left. With its USB port and TV out features, pictures or videos could easily be transferred at any time.

Longer battery life

Browning dark ops has got the long lasting battery for the camera of its type. It runs on 8AA batteries and Browning dark ops reviews state that this camera works well with lithium battery. With its day time power consumption system, Browning dark ops trail camera consumes a very less power during the day time and hence the battery lasts long, enabling you to spend your time in the field or forest without worrying about battery life and recharging.

Hideous and ease of use

The main feature of this camera is the look of it. Along with its compact size and invisible flash that enables one to capture the subject without disturbing the surrounding; the look of this camera also plays a main role. The camera has a rustic look, colored like the bark of the tree, enabling us to tie it on a tree during our absence. Because of its look, it is hardly noticed by the trespassers and capturing picture without anyone noticing has become much easier.

  • The camera doesn’t use a glow flash and hence, the image quality always remains clear, be it at day time or night time.
  • The package size is considerably small and surprisingly, no feature is compromised for this small and compactness of the camera
  • Trigger time is fast, enabling continuous shots
  • Recovery time is quick, hence waiting time for the next click is less
  • Buttons are used in the camera instead of slide switches, which makes it a bit inconvenient to use.
  • In general, the detection range is quite good, but not as good as compared with strike force version. Strike force has got a better detection range for this type of camera
  • Power consumption during night time is too high and hence battery wears out easily at nights.


Q: Can it works with 64gb memory card?

A: No, Works Up to 32 GB SD card.

Q: Do you have to buy a memory flash card?

A: Yes., a memory flash card is not included. So you have to buy new one.

Final verdict

There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide to buy a trail camera, since a trail camera is not just for fun. Buying a trail camera is not like buying any other cameras and carrying around for family outings and trip outs with friends. Holding a trail camera is a sign of professionalism, and what type of trail camera you have in your hand, says a lot about how much you love your profession and how important your camera is to you. Right from the brand selection, every move you take in choosing a trail camera speaks about you. At this point, a Browning trail camera dark ops is the best choice for the real professional, trying to climb the ladder of success. Although there are some drawbacks with this camera as mentioned earlier, the advantages overrule it all.