Browning Strike Force Review

browning strike force review


ach one of us has this fun loving persona.We tend to resolve our stress in doing some outdoor stuff. Some engage in some exhilarating outdoor sports like hunting. One way to preserve all the good moments is by capturing them in a camera.Any camera will do but if you will use any of those, it may not look that good. It’s best to try using the Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera. Just read this browning strike force review.

Here are its features:

Camouflage Casing

The Browning Strike Force game camera has been specifically designed for hunting and other various outdoor agenda. You can clearly see how its casing has been made to have a camouflage as an exterior. Blending is the main reason why it is designed like that. You won’t have to worry about not capturing your desired object or target. You will surely get a good angle and capture it before your target runs away or they won’t even notice you are already taking pictures or videos at them.

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Quality of the Picture

When you want to capture your game, you would not want to end up having a blurry picture right? With the Browning Strike camera you will definitely get good quality pictures. This camera has a resolution of 10MP so zooming in is not a problem; you would not want to have a pixelated picture after zooming in for more details, right? This camera also has this “Zero Blur” effect during the night; it eliminates the blur you get from the motions thus leaving you with a crisp and good quality picture.

Wide Range Area

During hunting, having a dependable camera is such a big help. When you are searching for a game whether it is daytime or nighttime, the Browning Strike camera will detect a wide array of wildlife for you because this awesome game camera has the ability to capture a 55 degree view and is already considered to be wide enough to have room for a lot of wildlife. When you are hunting, you will surely be able to see in a wide range which is rather helpful when you are hunting.

Infrared Flash Range

Whether you are hunting under the bright sun or you are lurking in the shadows of the night for a game, the Browning Strike Force camera will immediately detect your prey and automatically illuminate the animal with a red glow light during you capture the scene or the target. Because this camera has 100 feet for its infrared range, you will be able to detect your target even if the scene or your target is somewhat far from you. During the night, you’ll get a black and white picture or video and during the day you have full colors.

Video Quality

During hunting or trips to the outdoors, some of us don’t settle for pictures alone, some of us also want to take videos and capture the motion as well. The Browning Strike Force camera is considered to have a video quality at par with the standards of a trail camera. It is has a 720p resolution when you are going to take video which is quite good for pausing and zooming when you want to see the full details of the scenery or the animals in the video. With this camera, expect a high quality of clear videos.

Detection Circuit

The Browning Strike Force has its very own detection circuit with a heighten sensitivity; it can detect a moving animal within 50 feet. It has a fast trigger that reacts to a movement with a speed of 0.67 seconds and is considered to one of the fastest game cameras known, it also has a quick recovery time, and it recovers and captures anything that moves after every 2.3 second, with this timeframe, you will surely get multiple pictures.

  • It has an awesome 10 megapixels, this means it is anti-blur
  • Its videos are considered to be of high definition with clear sounds
  • It has a time lapse mode
  • It can take up to 10,000 pictures granting if you have 6 AA batteries
  • It has a Camo finish with a flash range of 100 foot or so
  • It is included in the most fastest games cameras known, it is dues to its trigger and speed time
  • It can take 8 images for a multi shot
  • It can take 6 images for a rapid fire
  • It contains a USB port
  • It has an external 12 volt power jack for TV out
  • It has an organize information display bar
  • It contains a picture delay that is programmable
  • It has the capability to support SD cards
  • This camera is made to be tiny and handy that is why buttons are designed to be close together, this may be a trouble for those big thumb guys out there
  • If not taken with extra gentleness, chances are, latches of the camera will easily break

Final Verdict

Now that you know the features due to this Browning Strike Force 10 MP Review guide, you are now probably thinking about buying it. Of course, you are considering about getting one, the pros are greater than the cons. When it comes to good quality pictures, this camera can definitely provide you crisp and clear images.If you want to zoom it in, you won’t have to worry about your pictures being pixelated. Also, this camera will surely give you high definition videos which also can be zoomed without ruining its clearness. Other features are also perfect and are specifically designed for hunting. The only concern here is how the buttons are placed and how its latches are so fragile, other than that, it’s all perfect.