Covert MP8 IR Game Camera – Mossy Oak Review

Covert MP8 IR Game Camera – Mossy Oak Review

Thinking what camera to buy and doesn’t want to waste time? Shopping for trail cameras can be extremely tiring, but the solution to that problem is very easy with the idea of buying a Covert MP8 game Camera Mossy Oak. You will not get double-minded upon seeing the features of this camera and you will love carrying it anywhere you go. After read The Covert MP8 Black Review, Just like the eagerness of knowing your first crush, give time to understand its features that will make you say,Oh, I need this.

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Features Mentioning on Covert MP8 Black Review bellow:

8MP photo resolution, 45ft flash range

For the price tag, this camera takes brilliant photos. You can always clearly see the object on the photo night or day anywhere. It is motion detected for ease of use. You can even just put it up and leave it unattended. Even taking pictures of animals is not a problem anymore since the flash is not bright enough. It won’t frighten them since it is made up of infrared light and not a bright white light. Wow, it is amazing.

28 Infrared LEDs

It is always better to get a camera with more infrared LEDs. The more there are the higher quality photo you will get. It is true! The quality of the photo also depends on how strong the battery power is and how long the shutters have been open. The longer the shutters are open, the more chance of lowering a photo quality. The shutters do need to be open to get a good photo due to the motion detector feature.

Color viewer

The color viewer adds a special feel to the camera. When you view the pictures or videos, you see them in color adding an excitement to it. If you are taking photos of wildlife, it makes the photos look real and gives the videos that special edge because you have caught it on your very own camera. It makes interest in wildlife very appealing. Just what you need to get your kids interested in their wildlife projects at school, or for that special camping trip.

Excellent battery life and memory card slot

The battery life of this camera is one of its greatest features. It takes eight AA batteries and they last so well. You will only have to change them once or maybe twice a year. That is really good news if you are planning on setting your camera up on a tree somewhere and only checking it once in a while. You can have any SDHC memory card in the camera from an 8GB -32GB. Keeping your photos and videos will become easier.

Color and size

The color of the camera is nature’s tone so that it totally fits in wherever you want to hide it. It is compact enough to be hidden very well from animals and, well, thieves. It blends in completely when placed on a tree and will not be seen easily. It also comes with a casing to keep it safe from any elements or any curious animals that will happen to see it. This all means you do not have to worry about any safety measures.

Most importantly, the price

For all these amazing features, you would expect it to cost a pretty penny, but not this big boy. The covert MP8 black review explains what a good price this camera sells for. You really get value for your money when you decide to invest in one of these cameras. With such good value to treasure, you will probably end up buying this camera as a birthday or anniversary present to a significant other, family member or friend.

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  • 8mp Image resolution
  • 45 ft flash range
  • Color viewer
  • Battery life
  • 28 infrared LEDs
  • Compact
  • Response trigger is sometimes too slow
  • Viewing screen is very small
  • Very sensitive, takes pics of branches or leaves moving in the wind


Final verdict

It is worth every cent you pay for it. Nothing comes without a few things that tend to worry us but overall, the cons of this camera are nothing compared to the pros. It is totally up to you. With all these features, you can get on with doing what you want to do and can have full knowledge that your camera will not be one of the problems of cropping up on a wildlife get away. Set up the time, date, temperature and moon phase and the rest is history. This is most definitely the camera to choose that suits people on a tight budget. It is user friendly and most of all, versatile.

Buy it online and have it shipped to you or go into a store to buy it. This is one bargain you cannot afford to miss. You will not go wrong in buying this camera. This covert MP8 game Camera Mossy Oak review explains it all.

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