Covert Special OPS Review

Everyone loves a great adventure once in a while to take a short break from a hectic lifestyle. Some spend it by camping for several days or hunting for game in the wilderness. There is no better way to capture all these wonderful memories than through a simple snapshot using the Covert Special Ops Code Black 3G Cellular Trail Camera. According to Covert Special OPS Review, many users love its overall performance. The following are some of its features:

12 Mega Pixels resolution

Take beautiful and stunning pictures during the daytime of wild game without letting them know you’re keeping a close eye on them. You can get clear and crisp pictures each time you press that button. It will feel like you are gliding with these creatures except that they aren’t aware of your presence. These pictures are watermarked with the current date, time, temperature and moon phase imprint. Save thousands of images in the maximum storage space of 32 GB.

Instant pictures

One of the few cameras in the industry that gives you pictures that you want and needin an instant. All of thiswithout taking precious time to take the SD card out of its place and waiting for them to transfer to your computer. This camera uses wireless MMS to send text images to your cell phone or email address. Forget about using a wire for this camera. All you need is an activated GSM card from mobile providers such as AT&T and T Mobile. It continually updates you by sending pictures to your smartphone or email address every 60 seconds.

60-foot flash range

This impressive range allows you to take black and white pictures of wild creatures even at the most difficult of time especially during the night. The distance of the flash can reach creatures at a far distance. However, they will not be alarmed by the flash; thanks to the 60 invisible flash LED lights that come equipped with this camera. You can take quality pictures of anything and anywhere even if light presents itself as a challenge.

Dual purpose

Depending on your usage for this camera, it can work both ways. The fun and light side is that you can take this camera anywhere you decide to go and do some exploring. You might want to use it to track game for hunting or simply observe wildlife in its natural habitat. The serious and functional side of this camera is that it can be used for security purposes such as camera surveillance. You can keep track of what’s going outside of your home without having to set foot outside.

You don’t have to worry about this camera adding additional weight to what you’re already carrying. We know how heavy it is having to carry all of your things in a single backpack especially if you’re going out for a few days. This camera doesn’t do that. It only weighs 1.2 pounds. Because of its weight, you have the fast ability to set it up anywhere you want. When you decide to change location, it won’t become too much of a burden because of its light weight.

Camouflage design

This camera could be well mistaken for a chameleon in the woods. It has been designed to blend extremely well to its surroundings. When it is set up high or low on the bark of a tree, it becomes invisible to the naked eye. This feature makes it ideal especially if you want to keep a low profile in the location you are at. Because of its design, the camera will not become a distraction to wild creatures. It comes in two available colors: Mossy Oak and Solid Brown.

Covert Special Ops User Manual

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  • 12 Mega Pixels resolution
  • Store up to 32 GB on SD memory capacity
  • 60-foot flash range
  • 60 invisible flash LED bank
  • 2 pounds in weight
  • 2 inch LED screen
  • Ability to wireless transfer photos from camera to phone through texts or emails
  • Costly
  • Buttons are hard to press in the beginning
  • Occasional hang ups that disrupt the camera’s functioning
  • Poor signal will make it difficult to transfer the pictures

Final Verdict

User experiences vary depending on the usage of the camera and whether they’ve matched his/her expectations. This is why it is necessary to browse through covert code black 3g reviews to get both sides before making a sound decision. However, it is obvious that the pros overcame the cons. Before you purchase this camera, make sure you go through plenty of covert code black 3g reviews. If you are after the quality and features of a camera, this one is something that you would not want to miss.