Cuddeback Attack IR Review

The Cuddeback IR 5 MP Game Camera is a must have item for photography and videography lovers. It has revolutionized this field, as you don’t need to be content with black and white shots or with low resolution and improper exposition. Anyone who has used it is full of satisfaction and praise for its unique features.

Life like clarity:

Anyone clicking photographs or videos gets disappointed if the images are blurred or not exposed properly. Clarity is the first priority. With the Cuddeback IR 5Mp Game camera you can capture life-like clear images. This product utilizes 36 high-quality IR LEDS and has a long flash range of 60 ft. Unlike other scouting camera, now your picture will be amazingly spic and span, bright, clear and almost alive. The Cuddeback Ambush ir Reviews and Cuddeback long range ir reviews affirm quality pictures. Once you begin to use this game camera you are sure to be amazed by its clear exposition.

Day and night usage:

If you are a regular photographer, you will know that pictures clicked during the day come out better than those clicked at night. In the dark of the night, you have to make use of artificial lighting and the flash; flash distorts images and adds unnatural element. It is not at all satisfying. But with this new game camera, you can get perfect images during the day as well as during the night. It is just the camera one needs to have during out door camp activities. The powerful LEDS and extra- long flash range can facilitate perfect picture capturing.

Super- fast trigger speed:

Often during travels and trips, you get mesmerized by scenes and sceneries, flight of birds, escaping animals, playing children and the like. But, you feel disappointed as you cannot click mobile images as nicely as you want. But, you can do it with the Cuddeback game camera. This camera has the special feature of ultra-fast trigger speed that helps you to get perfect pictures of mobile objects also. So whether it is your footballer son hitting a goal or a rain-deer in the woods, you can click the images without any problem.

Brilliant and vivid colours:

What can be the benefit of pictures without the vibrancies and brilliance of colours? You want all your pictures to contain the natural colours of the object, whether it is the rose in the garden or the flag on the temple. The Cuddeback cameras utilize the Smart colour Image technology that provides brilliant colouring in all the pictures and videos. You can preserve the colours that add pleasure to your life, give meaning to your art, and enhance the pleasure of photography.

Convenient Mounting on surfaces:

This camera is very strong and sturdy and comes with special mounting attachments. These attachments are very flexible and fit perfectly on all types of surfaces; They can be easily mounted on poles, tables, or even on branches of trees. They come with an awesome Genius Mount System that has some brackets. These brackets are attached to the desired surface and an attachment is made to slide for strong fixation. Some attachments can be left at special spots to be used later, as the camera comes with additional mounting brackets.

More than a camera:

The Cuddeback IP Attack 5 MB Game Camera, with the advantages of 60MB internal memory, long battery life and SD card slot, is in fact, more than a camera. It has a Guard Duty Mode that helps take fast pictures all day long, and it has a Fast Track mode that helps you to see them speedily.

It has a precise sun and moon information feature, by which you get the exact information of sunset and sunrise timings, moonset and moon rise timings, the phase of the moon at a particular time and other time reports.

It also has a Test Mode which helps to identify the aim position.

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  • Clear and colorful pictures
  • Full season battery life
  • Day and night pictures and videos
  • 36 high power infra -red LEDS provide 60-foot flash range
  • Captures perfect images of mobile objects
  • Ultra-fast ¼ -sec trigger speed
  • Guard-duty mode, takes around 5 pictures each minute all throughout the day
  • Can be mounted on all types of surfaces
  • Gives sun and moon information
  • IR sensors may fail due to temperature changes
  • Guard Duty Time Lapse Mode functions only during the day
  • Smart Colour Image Technology functions only during the day

Final Verdict:

Cuddeback Ambush ir Reviews and Cuddeback long range ir reviews reveal both appreciation as well as some disapproval. People have given it five stars and accepted it as a great camera. Some have liked its fast shutter release and clear pictures.

The negative aspect in the Cuddeback Ambush ir Reviews and Cuddeback long range ir reviews is mainly based on its unsatisfactory service and some defect in the night time pictures.