Cuddeback Black Flash E3 Review

Hunting is great only if you can catch something. A great catch can make you feel like the best hunter in the world and this can only happen if you know beforehand what lies outside there on the trail that you would like to follow. This will only happen if you have a Cuddeback Flash E3, the best Black Flash trail camera.

When set up on a tree for trail hunting, you will get many unimaginably clear pictures. This is as a result of the black flash technology and its very fast camera trigger taking more photos per minute.

This is Cuddeback Black Flash E3 Review and you will get a detailed overview of its specifications and features. So Lets see bellow:

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Cuddeback Black Flash E3 Trail Camera

Cuddeback Black Flash E3 Scouting is one of great camera comes form Cuddeback and surely you would not disappoint to buy it. So buy with greater confidence.

The black flash technology

The greatest feature on this camera is the black flash technology. It is invisible to the eye of both humans and animals and therefore will not scare away the game. It ensures that you have the best images. The Black Flash also ensures that the camera is undetected and can be used also as a great security apparatus for your house and compound. It took a few deer photos very well and I knew what to expect when I went hunting later.


Multiple recording options

Another great feature is its multiple recording options; image, image and video, video only. Use image with video options and you will catch every movement on camera and video on the E3. You can also include audio and you will catch even the slightest sounds on your camera. I got very gorgeous pictures which were accompanied by even clearer videos of the trail and the deer. Over a period of one week, I got many pictures and videos of non detecting deer and even of people going hunting in that trail.

Large Internal Memory

This Cuddeback E3 also has a large memory. It is built with 120MB internal memory which can be coupled with SD cards of up to 32GB ensuring you can leave it out there for much longer. Working without SD card, it can hold up to a maximum of about 100-120 images ensuring you will not miss a thing. This feature comes in very handy when you lose your SD card or it is not installed properly you still have 100 images.

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Time Lapse Control

It also comes with separate day and night settings for time lapse control. This helps to ensure images acquired are crisp at all times of day and night. 5 second delays during the day ensure that you can catch everything that comes into range of the camera as fast as it moves. A recommended 15 seconds delay at night ensures that you can save some battery power. This delay ensures that you are able to catch as many images as possible followed by a very clear video when required.

Battery Life

It has a high battery life. The E3 is designed to use eight AA batteries which are expected to last for a year depending on the number of images that it will capture and the settings used. Using a lithium battery has helped me immensely especially due to better night time images. Long battery life ensures that you have no worries on whether it is still working and you are able to have more images and even more videos ensuring you capture all animal behavior making you a better hunter.


  • It is a small camera that is easy to setup both on a hunting trail and also for use at home as a security apparatus.
  • The E3 has a long battery life. This gives me peace of mind since I don’t have to keep on checking and changing the batteries.
  • It recognizes and records moon phases and even time stamps every image it takes.
  • With its high accuracy motion sensors, you are able to have more images than blanks.


  • You will have to buy a memory card yourself since it only comes with 120MB internal memory.
  • You will also have to buy the batteries yourself.
  • It also does not have a viewing screen and you have to download the images or buy an image viewer.


Q.: Will this E3 take picture and video the same time?

A.: Normally, this camera will take a picture first then take a video. It takes about one second to change from camera to video.

Q.:Can you control the range of view in the E3?

A.:Yes. It is fitted with a wide view or a centre view. For trails you can set it to centre view and for fields you can set it to wide view.


The Cuddeback Flash E3 is a versatile camera that will help you and your buddies as you go hunting. Share this on Facebook with them and you will all become better hunters and with great trophies to show for it. Even better ensure that you get it and your trail hunting experience will never be the same again. This is the best camera for all hunters.