Cuddeback Long Range IR Review

So it’s the weekend and you decide to go out and do some hunting, you are ready to leave and you remember the terrible camera you had, well the guys from Cuddeback have something great in store for you. The new Cuddeback Long Range IR camera is just what you need. This is the Cuddeback Long Range IR Review and the camera features are incredible. I want you to make the right decision so I will tell you more…


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Cuddeback Long Range IR Camera Review

The Cuddeback Long Range IR Scouting Camera is one of the perfect trail cameras on the market. So You can buy with great trust.


The Cuddeback is fast, and reliable. It takes your image in the first 0.25 seconds, the time gap between that and the second image is one second. You want something fast then cuddeback is the way to go. Moreover it does not capture blank images nor capture something that isn’t there. You also get to choose between two views, the wide view for large fields and the centered view for trails. The camera also allows you to get your aim right with the test mode feature. This way you get clear images without blur.


Once you get a camera you don’t have to lose it or get it damaged. The Cuddeback comes with a metal casing which protects the delicate interior. Cuddeback also offers an incredible mount mechanism that allows you to mount your camera to your tree and be able to mount it and dismount it easily. And to make you more relaxed when away from your camera, there is also a padlock that you can purchase to lock your camera. Although the padlock and mount mechanism are bought separately, they will be a good addition to your set.


The Cuddeback comes with AA batteries making it much smaller than other cameras. And in case your batteries run out, you can go for the Cuddeback battery booster than can extend your battery life for a long time. You wouldn’t want your batteries dying on you with no alternative. It uses eight AA batteries that will last a minimum of six months before you have to replace them.


Once you purchase your Cuddeback, you get an internal storage capacity of 120MB. With that alone you will be able to capture up to 120 images. It also comes with a 4GB storage stick but you can swap it for one with larger storage supporting memory sticks of up to 32GB which allows you to store more content.


The camera comes with a six month warranty with an extension on warranty if registered online. The camera also tracks usage to determine your warranty status. This is a good feature that allows the manufacturer to validate your warranty even if you don’t have your receipt.


The Cuddeback comes with different options for image quality depending on your specification. You can choose between HD quality or the normal quality images. You can also specify on whether you want image only, video only or both. You can use different settings depending on the time of day. All these features provide you with a clear picture with keen note on detail.



  • You get longer working time on the cuddeback.
  • You are able to view your images on the camera without sunlight interference.
  • It works with infrared motion sensors that will detect any movement in the camera’s range.
  • You can take quick multiple images without losing any a moment.


  • The internal storage is limited to only 120MB, you do not get as much storage space as expected.
  • You will spend a lot of money on the extra appliances that you need.


Q: How long is the battery life?

A: Eight AA batteries will last for about six months or longer before you will need to replace.

Q: Is the trigger really that fast?

A: Yes, it has a really fast trigger able to capture an image every two seconds.


If you want a good hunting camera then this is the one to go for. You will definitely get your money’s worth and acquire an incredible piece of equipment. The Cuddeback Long Range IR has been modified and created to suite your needs, so get to the shops and get yourself one.