Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review – Your Best Hunting Friend

Are you fed up with mediocre images? Are you keen on utilizing a camera that will not only deliver on quality images but also ensure a very large numbers of images are captured and stored accordingly? Would you wish to put an end to cumbersome operations each time you attempt to use a camera? If your answers to all of the above questions are yes, then Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review Camera is the best trail camera for you. Equipped with revolutionary and easy-to-use new features, this camera is indeed the hunter’s ultimate imaging solution provider as shall be seen in the ensuing discussions.

The following are the most notable features and specifications of Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review

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Outstanding Performance

The camera does deliver on its uses in a very outstanding manner. First and foremost, it does have a greater field of view which makes it capable of capturing images from a far off distance thus enabling hunters to receive and analyze more data that ordinary trail cameras. Secondly, it has the ability to capture and sore as many as one million images. This negates the need for constant deletion of overwrite of unwanted images. Finally, it expends less energy which saves on the costs of maintenance.

Excellent Image Analysis

The camera is equipped with GameFinder software that enables seamless analysis of images including replays, zooming, scrolling, editing, and rewinds e.t.c. This enables users to easily and conveniently make meaning out of the images so captured. Moreover, this software also enables users to build their own gallery which they can subsequently share with the others in their life. Users are thus granted all the conveniences of a standard video camera in a small and comprehensive package.

Operational Efficiency

The camera is very easy to set up and operate. A user does not necessarily need to have all the technical expertise of a certified camera man to operate it. All that are required are to mount it on its stand, and thereafter to calibrate and set it appropriately by determining among other things the time-lapse, temperature e.t.c. The camera is therefore suitable for just about every other user ranging from a complete novice to a professional cameraman.


The camera is suited for a wide variety of purposes. It can capture images; store images; interface and communicate with other digital devices such as computers for further downloading of the images onto the desktop; allow for video editing; allow for sharing of the images to other users; among many other tasks. This feature grants the users of the camera a very high return on the money invested besides other advantages like added convenience while using the equipment.

High Image Quality

This camera captures images in the High Definition quality. Moreover, the images captured are of very high resolution (1,280 by 720 resolutions). For that reason, the images can be zoomed out and in without compromising on their quality at all, a fact that is greatly beneficial to the analysis of the images. Furthermore, the images can also be downloaded on to the computers for further sharing and/or modifications as need be, a trait that grants added convenience to users.


Below are the most outstanding benefits and advantages of Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review Camera

  • It has a very low power consumption rate (8 batteries for every 1 million images captured). This reduces the cost of maintenance.
  • It is very easy to use since it requires minimal supervision.
  • It is portable (weighs only 9.6 ounces); it is thus very easy to lift around and deploy to the desired scene of interest with relative ease.


The following are the main drawbacks and shortcomings of Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review Camera:

  • Limited Use: It cannot capture images at night since it lacks infrared mode or night time vision capabilities.
  • Picture Quality: It lacks flashing mechanisms and hence it produces images of compromised quality.
  • Limited Storage: It lacks built-in internal memory and therefore has very low storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What happens when the camera’s memory is full?
  • A.You are required to slot in an additional memory card since it lacks a built-in memory of its own.
  • Q. What is the camera’s country of origin?
  • A.China
  • Q. Does the Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review camera have a manufacturer’s warranty?
  • A.YES it does. Its warranty lasts for one year.

Final Verdict

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Review Camera is indeed the ultimate solution to professional hunting activities, the aforementioned demerits notwithstanding. That’s because, as can be clearly seen from the foregoing discussions, it does incorporate pretty handy features and specifications such as ease of use, quality images, and high speed of operations that all work in harmony to deliver the very best results to the hunters.