Moultrie A-5 Gen2 Review

Moultrie A-5 Gen2 Review

A game camera is the first and the most important thing you will ever need while planning an adventurous wildlife trip. However, if you are also planning such a trip in the near future, then make sure that you have a great game camera that not only is in your budget, but also offers a rich feature-set to capture amazing images of the wildlife. One such camera is Moultrie game spy a5 gen2 trail camera, which may be treated as a successor of the Moultrie a5 trail camera. Here’s a brief Moultrie A-5 Gen2 Review.

For the first timers, it may be a bit difficult to choose the right game camera as there are several companies dealing in the field, which all are extremely good, and are capable enough to attract the buyers. However, if you are confused about choosing a camera from the list of various top-notch game cameras, then we will recommend you to go with the Moultrie game spy a5 gen 2 trail camera, which contains all the features that a perfect game camera should have, at a very reasonable price. Here is a brief overview of the feature-set provided by the Moultrie game spy a5 gen 2 trail camera.

8 AA-sized batteries means great battery life

The camera is powered by 8 AA alkaline batteries that means you can easily rely on them whenever you are about to have a long trip. The 8 AA batteries are capable enough to capture thousands of photos, and having another set of batteries with you with double the amount. So, as far as the battery life is concerned, the Moultrie game spy a5 gen 2 trail camera is nearly unbeatable.

In other words, if you are looking forward to buy a game camera that can withstand with you for many days without worrying about the power plug, then this camera is a must buy for you.

Rigid one piece body, withstand any rough condition

Another thing that plays an important role while you are shooting outdoors in tough conditions, is the toughness of the camera body. You will definitely don’t want the sensitive and delicate DSLRs in such conditions. The thing that impresses most about Moultrie a5 gen 2 is that it is made up of a single frame, and thus it can withstand the bad weather conditions better than the counterparts.

Lowest delay of 10 seconds, means great control

Longer delay means you can easily capture the moment that you are desperately waiting for. The camera provides the longest delay of 10 seconds, which is more than enough to capture the best moment. Although you can get even better time with the cameras of higher price, but for this price, the A5 Gen 2 has the best delay.

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5MP is more than enough to capture details you are looking for

The A5 Gen 2 is equipped with a 5 Megapixel sensor. And it is capable enough to capture every details of the subject and can clearly get the image of high quality that you need to have with your game camera. Although it may seem not too great for the night images, but the day-light images are as crisp as any other camera of this price range. Additionally, the 12 LED(6 on either side of the lens) act as a great flash to fill the dark spots of the images if necessary.

For the occasional video shooting, you can use the video mode

As a professional game camera, the Moultrie spy A5 Gen 2 is capable to capture the videos of VGA quality which are ideal for the occasional video shooters. However, you should consider some other camera if you want to have a better video shooter.

As a buyer, it is also very important to know about the plus and the minus points about the cameras in addition to the knowledge of the feature-set. So, here comes the list of pros and cons of the camera.


  • Amazing battery life
  • Satisfactory night mode
  • Extremely user friendly


  • Not so good for shooting the videos

Apart from this, the users of the camera continuously appreciate the image quality and the battery life of the camera that has made them feel proud to own a Moultrie spy A5 Gen 2 Trail Camera.

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Q. What all is included in the shipment?

Answer: The shipment includes the main camera. Although the camera supports batteries and memory card too, but you need to purchase them separately.

Q. What is the ideal AC power requirement?

Answer: The ideal power requirement for using the camera is 12V.

Final Verdict

So, if you are planning to buy a camera that helps you take the good images in almost any outdoor condition, then the Moultrie spy A5 Gen 2 trail camera would be right choice for you. So, what you are waiting for, plan it out and buy this great value camera for your dream adventure trip.