Moultrie A5 review

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If you are looking for the perfect camera to capture every memorable event like hunting activities and other exciting outdoor getaways, Moultrie A-5 Trail Camera could be your best pick. It is very simple to setup and it is filled with enticing features that are worth the customers’ attention. Despite its compelling features, it is designed to perfectly fit your budget so no worries about having troubles with the cost. It comes with worthwhile features that you can’t resist.

The following are the features that are worth commending:

Durable and well-crafted case

No more worries about the longevity of the item because it is tailored to withstand all tough circumstances like rough weather conditions. It is highly weather proof and it has a sturdy case that protects it from unwanted damages. If you are looking for a camera that is both affordable and durable, then this could be the exact item you have long been searching for. It has the kind of durability that stands out from the rest.

Can take more than 8,000 shots fora single set of C-cell batteries.

This camera has the capacity of 32 GB memory card. This memory capacity is hefty enough in storing a good volume of pictures and videos. You may stop worrying about the limited number of shots because this camera can deliver you thousands of pictures that will seize every moment better. You can capture as much shots as you like because of the long stretch of captures you can make.

Excellent night detection which ranges up to 50 ft in most cases.

The night range can cover up to 50 feet. It can also capture day and night videos. It’s totally perfect for camp outs and other round-the –clock outdoor activities. It’s efficiently furnished with a picture delay of 1, 5, 10, and even 30 minutes. This also has moon phase, time, and date within the camera ID stamp indicated on each photo. The Moultrie A-5 is chiefly a 5.0 MP Low Glow infrared trail camera.

Exceptional picture quality and impressive design at a competitive rate

Nowadays, it’s becoming a challenge to look for a product that has both quality and cost efficiency.  The quality of picture it delivers is at par with the kind of quality that other more expensive alternatives offer. Moultrie A-5 Trail Camera has both and many moultrie a5 review could attest to that. It’s been embraced by a couple of camera aficionados because it covers two of the most important aspects of a worthwhile camera: quality and budget- friendliness.

User- friendly

One common problem among devices is the complexity of the manipulation required. The good thing is that this camera is also designed to be friendly to all types of users. It’s easy to manipulate and simple to use. It has efficient setup scheme that can be easily managed by users of nearly all ages. There are no critical complications and the manual also has every detail you need to successfully operate the device. In terms of usage, there’s nothing crucial to worry about.

  • 5.0 MP Low Glow infrared trail camera
  • Up to 50 feet night range
  • Can capture day and night pictures and videos
  • Temperature, moon phase, date, time, and camera ID stamp
  • Picture Delay Settings enables delay settings from 1 minute to 30 minutes
  • SD memory card can cover up to 32 GB
  • 8,000 pictures can be captured on 4 C-cell batteries
  • Built-in strap loop along with Python® cable compatibility
  • Takes no motion pictures
  • Has no USB cable
  • Shortest delay is 1 minute so there is a big tendency that you miss the important actions that happened in the first few seconds


Several moultrie a5 review reveals the advantages and disadvantages of the device. There were people who went on the affirmative side and there were also those who went against it. The bottom line is that not every user has experienced the most laudable encounter with the product. It is also dependent on the individual perspectives and needs of the clients. However, in terms of the overall value, Moultrie A-5 Trail Camera has garnered a general applause. This is primarily because of the quality and affordability that it offers.


Although the item has certain cons, it has most importantly served its purpose well which is to bring about more worthwhile user experience. It has features that are worth embracing and has pros that are worth commending.  There might be certain flaws that users may come across in a way or another, but the overall impact and usage remain to be toughest determining factor whether the product is worth the purchase or not. It is important to consider reading other moultrie a5 review to get hold of the customers’ voice about the product efficiency. This will enable you to strengthen your purchasing decision and avoid regretting at the end of the day.

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