Moultrie A8 Review

Moultrie A8 Review – The Cheap Camera That Gives You Instant and Accurate Shots

Are you tired of experiencing your game slip through your fingers during several hunting sessions even though you have tried all the techniques of hunting- those techniques that have worked for others? Have you felt dismayed about your hunting skills because of the large number of prey that escapes you in a hunting session? All you need is a game camera that allows you to get a glimpse of even the dodgiest of prey. With this, you might want to have a good look at the Moultrie A8 Game Camera. The advantage that this has over others is that it is cheap and is sure to give you a headstart with your hunting. We are sure that sure you can’t ask for more as an experience game hunter.

Features Are As Follow:

Flash Range

With the standard Low-Glow IR LEDs that is undetectable underground, and with the capacity to get 50 feet view, you can’t easily get a bad shot. The moultrie A8 is designed to pick up even vague game in their hideout without being detectable. In addition, you should know that when you first bring it underground and you try to cover about 25 feet, you get very lucid images. However, as you move downward for up to 50 feet, the images can become blurry. This is purely from observation and you should take note of this when you are buying it.


With the 8.0 megapixels capacity with a simple switch interface, you can easily cover a wider range of space. With its 8.0 megapixels, it beats the A5 5 MP in performance. If it were to be less than that, it can only take as much as a picture. The A8 game camera could be an important hunting tool you can get your hands on. Moreover, the images taken from an 8 MP camera will not be dull or fuzzy as is common with other hunting cameras. In addition, and according to several customer reviews, this model takes decent images especially considering the price tag.

Trigger Speed

With less than 1.5 seconds trigger speed, the A8 provides an opportunity for hunters to take sound shots without missing. This model is built with a capacity to cover 42 degree field views. And with the amazing trigger speed; no prey will ever slip through your fingers again! The manufacturer knows their stuff as they are mindful of what customers want – that is why they bring to game hunters the A8 – after many have thought that the A5 1.5 second trigger speed is a little too slow.

Battery Life

Have you have ever found yourself in a situation where you have barely taken even 15,000 images, when you game camera goes off in a flash? With this in your hand, you will never have to experience that. With the powerful set of batteries (one set) slotted at the bottom of this device, you can take staggering number of images for up to 25,000 – at least as claimed by the manufacturer. You are sure to take lots of pictures before the batteries goes down. In retrospect, the previous model only takes up to 8,000 images and even more expensive than this model. I say this is a gem, since it does everything a game hunter might want with only a small budget.

Benefits of moultrie A8 (The Pros)

  • You can easily improve on your scouting abilities with all the features packed into this camera.
  • You get to store your photos in a 32 GB SD card.
  • The moultrie A8 trail camera is placed in a Mossy Oak Bottomland encasement that makes it invisible to game.
  • The price tag is very affordable.
  • Setting up this model takes only a few minutes.
  • Trigger speed is better than the A5 that takes 1.5 seconds to trigger.
  • Takes up to 25,000 images in a hunting session

Negative Things about moultrie A8 – Cons

  • The recovery time is longer than expected. This is based on reviews different users.
  • Pictures taken at night might be fuzzy.


Q: Do I get the mounting strap with my purchase?

A.: Yes. You will get that with your purchase.

Q.: Do I need a security box for the A8 game camera?

A.:I don’t think you do need a security camera for it since it comes with a mounting strap. In addition, you should know that the casing is waterproof for using under rain.

Q.: Do I need to buy a card reader for this to view images on my laptop computer?

A.: If your computer has a built-in SD card reader port in your computer, you can insert the SD card there. Then you wouldn’t have the need to buy an extra card reader. However, if you don’t have the port on your PC, you might have to buy a card reader.


If you are in need of a decent game camera for hunting and you are low on budget, you can go for the A8 game camera. The various improvements over the previous model are a plus for a trail camera like this. Although we can recommend this product for you because we think it is good, the conclusion is ultimately yours.