Moultrie M-880 Review

Are you looking for a quality yet cheap game camera that you can use to capture great photos and videos for game surveillance? Here is a model which can give you excellent shots day and night. M-880 game camera is the Moultrie’s latest item for 2014 that offers fascinating features and is designed for a flexible setting, may it be for any season of the year. Here are some of its great features based on experienced hunters’  Moultrie M-880 review:

Secured unit and heavy-duty case

Even the camera is left in the field for a long time, there is an assurance that the unit cannot be easily stolen nor damaged. According to a Moultrie M-880 review, the camera’s appearance can camouflage and blend with the bark of the trees. Also, the linings are thick enough to keep it from moistening. It is also weather resistant and cannot be easily broken. You can be always assured that it is an excellent game camera because of its durable security box.

Quality photos and videos anytime of the day

The most outstanding feature that M-880 has is the quality of the pictures and videos it can take. As hunters, this is what they often consider when buying a game camera. It’s not only the excellence of the photo during daytime, but also they prefer those that can take good and clear shots at night. This is where M-880 stands out. Its pictures have vibrant colors during the day and has a setting that reduces blur at nighttime.

Fast trigger speed

It is crucial for hunters to have game cameras that can take nearly anything that’s happening in the scene. A Moultrie M-880 review said that an enticing and important feature that can be found in M-880 is its trigger speed. With a speed of 0.8 seconds, the M-880 can catch almost everything. It also has different settings you can choose from. It can give 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds delays with a recovery time of 5.2 seconds.

Long-lasting battery life

The battery life of Moultrie M-880 is one of the most impressive features that users really appreciate. With a resting current draw of 0.10 milliamps, a daytime power consumption of 220 milliamps, and a nighttime power consumption of 947 milliamps, it lasts longer compared with other game cameras. It is also recommended to use quality lithium batteries that last for around 8 months. You cannot go wrong when choosing M-880 because it works with 8 AA batteries which is relatively cheaper as it can last for a very long time.

Easy and hassle-free to use

The instruction manual is very easy to understand for beginners and pro users can easily navigate the camera even without mastering the manuals. The total size of M-880 is really handy for users and hassle-free when setting it up. Its quality and convenient features are really excellent yet you can get this for a very affordable price. It is recommended for beginners because using it is simple and the navigation is understandable. The programming is also easy to understand.

  • 8 megapixel and high-definition camera
  • High quality pictures’ colors
  • Can take quality pictures and videos anytime of the day
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Excellent time lapse software
  • Memory card is up to 32GB
  • Sturdy and weather-proof case
  • Relatively fast trigger speed
  • Quick recovery time of 5.2 seconds
  • Flash range of 45 ft. is quite limited
  • Sometimes pictures are out of focus because it requires a certain distance of the subject from the camera to achieve sharp and focused pictures
  • 40 ft. detection range is quite a short range compared to other game cameras
  • Center-focused infrared light that doesn’t give even light spread in nighttime pictures

Final Verdict

Given all the advantages and disadvantages of the Moultrie M-880 game camera, it is generalized that using it will really give good qualities of photos and videos to the users. Even if there are cons, it will still depend on the needs of the user and how he will set up the camera. Different clients who have experienced using M-880 have their own findings on this camera based on how they used it and where they used it. However, the common advantages of M-880 according to the reviews about it regards generally with its technical qualities. From the long-lasting battery life, the vibrant pictures and videos it can take, the trigger speed it has to capture every single detail, to having a heavy-duty case, Moultrie M-880 proves that it is one of the best game cameras in the market. All in all, the experience that M-880 can give to its users is worthwhile, not mentioning that it can be bought for a very reasonable price. It is a must-try indeed.