Moultrie M-880i and Moultrie M-880 Review

If you want to buy a gaming camera there are always the basic things you look out for. You want to get a product that will service all your needs the way you want it to. There are very few differences between the Moultrie M-880 and the Moultrie M-880i, but the basic features are the same for both models. When deciding which of the two to purchase, you will have to base your decision on very minor features. In this MOULTRIE M-880i AND MOULTRIE M-880 Review we will help you make the best decision that will suit your needs.

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One of the things to look out for is the trigger speed. This is an important features as it tells you how fast the camera can take images. Both models have a trigger speed of 0.52s with a recovery time of about 5.2s. This means that it will take approximately 6s to take one image. Both models have a tested detection range of 40ft with a 45ft range with flash on.


Both camera models don’t have internal memory, on both cases you have to purchase an SD card for storage. Despite this minor set back though, the cameras come with a managed memory option. When set to ‘override oldest’, the camera will continue taking images for as long as possible, in the event the memory runs out the camera automatically replaces the oldest images with the newly taken images.

Image Quality

The image qualities hold quite a drawback with both versions. There have been reported cases on the focus on both cameras in the day time. The cameras are not set to compensate for sunlight as such, the images appear a bit out of focus. The good news is that at night both cameras are more vivid and clear. The M-880 comes with a passive infrared motion sensor so it detects movement while the M-880i comes with an invisible infrared meaning its blind to the naked eye.


With both camera models you get a pretty well configured set up. They are both easy to navigate through the controls and the language used is pretty straight forward.


The two models slightly differ on the feature of battery life. With the M-880 the camera requires eight AA batteries that can take up to 13,500 images. This models also supports an external power source that can be used to extend battery life. With the M-880i, its eight AA batteries can power capture for up to 17,000 images. You still get quality running time with both models.


  • Both models have reliable and fast trigger speed.
  • The battery life on both versions is outstanding.
  • The M-880 captures clear daytime images.
  • The M-880i captures clear night images.


  • The M-880 model captures quite a number of out of focus images.
  • The M-880i model get a lot of interference in the day therefore sometimes capturing out of focus images.
  • Both camera models have limited detection range especially on flash mode.


Q: How do you view the images on both models?

A: Unfortunately, neither of the models comes with a built in viewer. To view the images you have to connect your camera to a PC or laptop.

Q: Can you connect the devices to an external power source?

A: Yes, the M-880 model supports an external 12V DC power source.

Q: What is the main distinction between the two models?

A: There isn’t much difference between the two models. Then important features such as trigger speed and recovery time are the same on both models. The only main difference is in the focus range and battery life.


We can honestly say that both models are pretty reliable for hunting and trailing. The main difference between the two models is in the battery power. With the M-880 model you get to capture 13,500 images with eight AA batteries. On the M-880i model, you get to capture 17,000 images with eight AA batteries. At the end of the day, you get quality product that satisfies your needs. Both versions are fast and reliable, the only problem because making a decision on the two, for they are both quality products.