Moultrie m-990i review

This camera model was released in 2013. On the period of its release this model of gaming cameras became the most technological advanced game camera in the market. The no glow feature was a unique addition to the features found on earlier camera models from the same manufacturer. This tells you that this model was highly designed and though over. With added features such as the no glow and built in image viewer, this model is a revelation.


Starting off on the trigger speed, the camera is incredibly fast. It has a trigger speed of 0.8s with a recovery time of 5.5s. This means that you get an image in six seconds. It has a range of 40ft, adds up to 50ft when on flash mode. Despite the drop in range from the model produced the previous year, this model compensates on that factor with its other advanced features.


Since camera programming has the video option, using the camera to record video drastically drains the batteries. The camera uses eight AA batteries which can run the camera to capture over 9,500 images. But since the camera has many advanced features, you can also power it using an external 12V DC power source. If that isn’t enough, you can also utilize power and rechargeable batteries can also be utilized. With this model, you can never run out of a power source.


When it comes to storage, this model is a classic. It has a special feature known as Eye-Fi that allows the camera to upload photos directly to the Internet. This feature is a great improvement in the storage aspect of gaming cameras. The camera utilizes memory storage cards of up to 32GB. It also has the ‘overwrite oldest’ feature, this allows the camera to replace the oldest images with newly captured ones once the SD card runs out of free space.


This camera model practically changed the basic designs of gaming cameras. As a result, the programming can be a little tricky. There have been cases reported by customers on the difficulty to navigate the program. This is of course understandable. The fix is however easy enough, all you have to do is call customer support and ask on instructions on how to set up your camera. It might seem as a bit too much work, but once set up the camera functions perfectly.


You can’t always be sure that your camera is safe. With this camera model, you get to secure your camera. You get a camouflage casing, making it almost impossible for someone to spot it. You can also set a security code on your camera so that your settings or images can’t be accessed without entering the code. The no glow feature also helps with security, with this feature you can capture images of moving targets without them knowing the camera is there.

PROS of  moultrie m-990i review

– It has a long battery life, with extra options for power sources.

– It takes good and clear night pictures

– The photos taken by this camera in the day have a magnificent color.

– The case design is excellent.

– Your device is secure both externally and the internal data.

CONS of moultrie m-990i review

– The day pictures taken by this camera are a bit out of focus.

– Its battery consumption is relatively high due to the added features.

– It has a tricky programming that might need assistance in setting up.

FAQs on The Moultrie m-990i review

Q: What does the no glow feature do?

A: The no glow feature basically allows you to take images without the target knowing the camera is there.

Q: Is there an easier way of working the programming?

A: Navigating the camera’s programming needs someone with advanced skill, otherwise you might need help getting through it.


This game camera is a work of magnificence. The features included in this model are still used to the present day, so this camera is the genuine product. You get numerous options to work with so that your camera does everything you need it to do and still be comfortable that your device is secure. If you are looking to purchase a game camera, the this is the model to go for.