Primos Truth Cam 35 Review

Do you want your outdoor escapade to be extra special? Do you want to capture the beauty of nature at its stolen moments? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you must be looking for the Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera. This camera can save the day and can be your best buddy in your hunting encounters.  Learn more about this camera and its easy-to-use with Primos Truth Cam 35 Camera review. Enjoy it and its reasonable price.

Easy to operate

.It is impossible to get lost while using this camera because of its user-friendly controls. This camera comes pre-configured and it is ready for action once its 4 D cell batteries are placed inside. You are able to explore and select the desired settings just by sliding the toggle switches. For easy reference, there are printed instructions that can be found on the camera door so there’s no need to bring out that manual everywhere you go.It is an ideal camera for beginner users.

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Low profile casing

The camera was designed for concealment especially for the great outdoors. No matter where you go in the forest, it will not attract any kind of attraction. This is important because it will not scare animals away. It comes with a Matrix camouflage finish and easily blends in with the background. Because it blends so well, you might have a hard time looking for it once you are ready to see all of the pictures that the camera has taken.

35 infrared LED bank

This special feature allows users to capture quality images or videos whether day or night under any condition. You can rely on its 35 infrared LED bank to capture the activity among active animals who roam around the forest during night time.This camera becomes your second eye at night. Through its night vision, this camera will capture black and white images. Photographs are beautiful and perfect every time if they are up close and standing still.

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Great detection range

This camera makes it suitable for any outdoor activities because it has a detection range of 50 feet. It can measure as deep as 7” x 9” x 3”. When you leave your camera at a fixed spot, it has the ability to detect any kind of movement from any creature that comes in contact with your camera.Aside from that, its semi-wide option covers half of the camera’s view. It has the ability to take good still pictures or videos whether day or night.It has a 40-foot extended range perfect for night time use. This feature is rare considering its attractive cost.

Fast trigger speed

One of the greatest features of this camera that stands out from the rest of its kind is its quick ability and reliability when it comes to taking pictures. It has a recovery time of 5 seconds. It only takes 0.3 seconds when it is on active mode and1.5 seconds coming from sleep mode. This means you can capture anything at the right moment without waiting for your camera to load and set up. You will be able to gain instant pictures or videos at any time of the day. There is also a setting for multi-shot bursts of 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 pictures each time the button is pressed.

Safety features

This one of a kind camera prevents any kind of theft happening because it is password protected. It means that only you can access its data. A small soft red light will go off quickly when the camera’s sensors pick up movement. It makes it difficult for other humans or creatures to notice this. Other than that, it comes with an embedded security cable hole that makes it difficult for others to steal your very own camera.

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  • Can reach up to 50 foot detection range
  • 40-foot flash range for night pictures
  • 35 infrared LED bank for clear night vision
  • 5 second trigger speed coming from sleep mode
  • Images and videos come with stamps of date, time, temperature and moon phase information
  • Take quality pictures during day or night
  • Back lit LED screen with easy-to-read menu settings
  • Theft prevention features like password protection and security cable hole
  • Supports stored data amounting to 8 GB SD card
  • Large bulky exterior
  • Blurry image quality

Final Verdict

After looking at the advantages and disadvantages of Primos Truth Cam 35, it can be said that this camera is perfect for those who are starting out as beginners and looking for a reliable but inexpensive camera to use in the outdoors. Based on Primos Truth Cam 35 review, many were satisfied with its high performance features especially the wide detection coverage and quick trigger speed that come at an affordable price. Normally, these camera features come in double the cost of this one.Users of this camera commended on how simple it was to use and navigate through its settings. On the other hand, we would not recommend this to someone who is looking for capturing motion on still images. If you are unsure of purchasing this camera, it would be advisable to read others who have contributed to a Primos Truth Cam 35 review to arrive at a final decision.

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