Primos Truth Cam 46 Ultra review

Are you a person that loves to venture outdoors? Are you planning to go hunting? If you’re this person, you need to consider all the gadgets and materials to use for this hobby of yours. One thing that you need that is really vital is the camera. Cameras are almost always included in every hunting and outdoor activity. If you’re searching for a good camera to take on your activities.

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Lets take a look at this Truth Cam 46 Ultra review.

Camera Casing

This camera is quite known for its small and handy nature which is really convenient for any outdoor activities. With a case like this, you will never have to worry about the extra bulk that you will carry. Hunting and other outdoor sports are known to have a lot of equipment, with this camera, it will surely lessen the load that you are carrying. Though tiny, this camera is really packed with the necessary features, never underestimate smallness of this truth cam ultra 46 Trail Camera.

Invisible Infrared Flash

Now, this feature is really efficient. Because this Truth Cam Ultra has a built in invisible infrared flash that you can use during hunting, your game will not be distracted at all. With this feature, you will definitely capture your target without them noticing, chances of good shots taken will be likely. This can also be used at home; it is good for using it as a detector for possible trespassers thus tracking them can be a lot easier.

7 Megapixels

The Truth Cam Ultra game camera can capture 7 megapixel picture. Although it only gives 7MP, this does not mean it is not good. The Truth Cam Ultra may not have the best MP but it does have good quality pictures in it. Hunting needs to have reliable equipment for it to succeed, with this Truth Cam Ultra game camera, you will surely capture those game without having a hard time looking at the pictures or the videos.

Battery Life

Of course, we all want a longer battery life than a shorter one in any of our gadgets. Hunting and other outdoor stuff apparatuses should be one of those gadgets that promote a longer and lasting battery life. Thankfully, the Truth Cam Ultra game camera can really be reliable when it comes to battery life. You will never have to worry about your camera dying in the middle of the night when you are taking videos or pictures.

Easy Use

Would you rather use a complicated device than a simple one? Of course, we all want what is easy to handle. When it comes to game cameras, we do not want to see lots of buttons that drive us crazy; we all want the easier one. Trying to figure out how each and every buttons word can really take up time but with the Truth Cam Ultra, you can immediately understand and use it with ease in no time.

Quick Trigger

In Hunting, a quick trigger is always welcome rather than having a camera that is a slowpoke. It is so much better if the camera you are having has a quick trigger time. A camera with a heighten sensitivity is something that we all want. This Truth Cam Ultra is one of the best cameras known when it comes to detecting a game at a fast speed. With this camera, you will surely have good quality images and high definition video quality.

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  • Longer Battery Life
  • Super Quick Trigger
  • Simple and easy use
  • Wide Flash Range
  • Awesome waterproof casing
  • Good high definition videos
  • Has an SD card slot
  • Short recovery time
  • Camouflage casing
  • On and off functionality
  • Whiteout due to the flash power
  • 43 degrees detection angle which is considered narrow

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Final Verdict

Though the Truth Cam 46 Ultra only has 7 megapixels, the picture quality is top-notch. Also, the videos taken are not blurry which means it has a high definition video quality. Its fast detection speed is also superb and the recovery time is quick enough to allow more pictures to be taken. Its casing is also strategically made due to its camouflage casing which is good for blending in the natural environment. Another thing to consider is how easy to manage this camera is. This entire camera is good enough to take during your hunting and other outdoor trips.

The only thing that is not good about this is how a white out effect happens every time a game comes too near.Another is how the power button can sometimes be hassle but other than these, the Truth Cam Ultra is a good and reliable camera to take during your trip.

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