Primos Truth Cam Supercharged Blackout Review

Most people nowadays use camouflage cameras outside their homes for surveillance purposes. Although the intended use of such a camera is for outdoor activities such as hunting, animal tracking or animal surveillance. Today, I have prepared a Primos Truth Cam Supercharged Blackout review and would be talking about all the facets of this amazing trail camera.

So, if you are looking for an affordable (under $150) and high-quality trail camera, then just keep on reading.

About Primos Truth Cam Supercharged Blackout Camera

Primos came out with this supercharged blackout camera and it is loaded with features that can interest you significantly. Primos has been making hunting devices and has developed almost 620 products. The trail camera range they have is amazingly affordable, is of high-quality and comes up with tones of features that make up as a best and affordable hunting camera.

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Let’s have a look at the various features it offers:

12 Months Battery Life

For a trail camera, a battery life of 12 months is great. All you need to do is install the camera at a location that suits you best, and the 24 AA batteries

can stay up good for a year. However, if the camera is set for video recording, the battery might be used up a bit early. Apart from the 8 internal batteries, one can also fix up 16 more AA batteries.

HD Recording:

Now considering the fact that it is an outdoor camera, Primos Truth camera does High-definition recording for photos, videos and time lapse. There is a 7 megapixels lens in the camera that does a great job, irrespective of the time or the weather conditions.

LED Technology

The camera has Blackout LED filter technology that is great to capture clear images and videos during night time. The 60 LEDs work perfectly during night time and the camera has a distance range of 55ft that means you can capture photos for quite a long distance without any disruption.

PIR Motion Sensor:

The swift 45� PIR motion sensor is advanced enough to capture the motion a bit earlier. This technology helps clicking the image just in right time before losing the subject focus. The camera has a trigger speed of 1 second which is very quick!


  • 7 MP
  • PIR sensor
  • Blackout 60 LEDs
  • 1 second trigger speed with 55 ft night range
  • Captures photos, video and HD with time lapse
  • Video Recording Supports Audio


  • Close objects can be whiteouts
  • Daytime Photos little bit blurry


Q.Will the camera operate with simply eight internal batteries installed?

A.Yes, the lower battery pack simply plugs in. With the supercharged battery pack mine continues to be at five hundredth charges when eight months.

Final Verdict

The camera is absolutely undetectable because of its camouflage pattern and sturdy built that can endure the different weather conditions. Its amazing features with long lasting

battery life and additional batteries ensure that you get to click high quality images and videos all year round. What more? Its available for $121.75!