Reconyx HC500 Review

A Look into the Reconyx HC500 Review Highlighting the Unique Features of the Camera

A good camera should be reliable, have a long battery life and produce pictures of good quality. Does the Reconyx HC 500 tick all the above qualities? Let’s have a look at the Reconyx HC500 review below to ascertain how good the camera can be.

The Reconyx HC 500 camera is an outstanding game and trail camera that is primarily used for scouting purposes. By extension, it can be used for surveillance around your camp or home. You are guaranteed to get quality pictures of what goes on around your home during the night, in broad daylight or when you are away from home.

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Key features of the Reconyx HC500 Camera

No Glow High Output Covert Infrared Night Vision

This vision is in a range of 50-60 feet. It allows you to take pictures with the help of the covert infrared technology that eliminates the red glow that has been perennially exhibited by other cameras in the market in previous days.

It is no surprise that a camera that captures image quality by color during the day and by monochrome infrared during the night can perform at that speed.

Excellent BuckView advanced software for windows

This includes image management software that is also responsible for mapping. The software helps you to edit your pictures, zoom and crop them without any risk of losing the quality of the pictures. The existence of the playback functionality ensures that you capture every moment with high precision. Who smiles when they realize a moment of ecstasy is poorly covered by a camera? This guarantees that high definition pictures are obtained.

A reliable field of view and detection circuit

It has an excellent field of view of 42◦. This guarantees capture of images with a wide area covered in the pictures. Better still, the recovery time between one picture and another is very minimal and thus you won’t miss a thing when taking your photos. This detection circuit proves to be top notch and few other cameras in the market can achieve this. A detection zone and a field of view that match, produce the best quality of pictures you could think of.

Outstanding motion sensor

the sensor does not have on and off scheduling and thus it makes the camera easy to use. It is no doubt that you will come up with stable still images when using this camera. Its use is also made worryingly easy by the adjustable bungee cord that is accompanied with the gadget. Thus, it is extremely easy for you to shoot a video or take photos at the same time enjoying the experience.

An ultra HD IR camera lens

this lens helps to capture sharper images that are of an unprecedented quality. In addition to that, 1080p or 3.1 megapixel images can be captured by this device and at a faster rate than other cameras out there. A speed as big as 2 frames per second is high and you should regard it as powerful. The frame rate is rapid fire and the rate may be 1, 3, 5 or 10. It is no surprise that a camera that captures image quality by color during the day and by infrared during the night can perform at that speed.


  • It has excellent battery performance as it can run on 1 set for a long time of productive photo service.
  • The camera has a wonderful construction quality and therefore lasts for long which means more service.
  • The camera rarely takes ghost pictures. It doesn’t turn off and captures images in real time without missing any bit.


  • It can disappoint in case you want to take Night Shots because they turn out to be fairly poor. This is because the IR doesn’t work well for longer distances so you must position it closer to your spot.

Frequently asked questions and their answers

Q.What will happen if my camera gets damaged or stops working as effectively after using it for some time?

A.The seller gives a warranty to the buyers. The camera will be repaired at completely no charge. Additionally, the seller repairs every kind of flaws that the camera will be having at that particular time including performing firmware updates and bench testing the camera.

Q.Is the Reconyx HC500 waterproof?

A.The camera is weatherproof but the seal is not so good to be waterproof. It is therefore advisable not to throw caution into the winds when using this gadget.

Final verdict

From the Reconyx HC500 review above, the camera is a reliable tool since it guarantees you quality photos. Chances that it will fail you are slim to none and the battery power is always dependable. The Reconyx HC500 delivers what it promises and it is long-lasting of the well-built body. Do you have to wait any longer before you get such a camera to your most treasured gadgets?