Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 Review


hen it comes to game cameras, it can’t get any better than the Reconyx HC600. This model has been specifically designed to be a super power in the game camera industry. The designers have made this model spectacular, and despite making some sacrifices you still get a very high quality product. At first glance, you would look at the features and be discouraged by the lack of video recording, but we are going to tell you why that is a small sacrifice compared to what you gain in return.

Features of Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 Review


The camera has a 0.21s trigger speed with a recovery time of 0.9s. If you are well versed with gaming cameras then you realize how big of a deal this is. It has a range of 70ft, and it follows up with that promise, you get that range on point. It also comes with a high quality flash with maximum range of about 50ft on flash mode. As far as capture goes, this model has some of the best features in the market.


Most gaming cameras in the market today utilize eight AA batteries, this model takes it a step further. It uses 12 AA rechargeable batteries or lithium based batteries. These are preferred because the battery reader on the camera has been reported to give wrong readings sometimes. Using these batteries helps you be sure that power won’t run out on you at any time. With 12 AA batteries, the camera runs long enough to capture over 40,000 images.


The camera supports SD cards with a capacity of up to 32GB. Keep in mind that a 4GB SD memory card can hold up to 10,000 images. The only drawback with the storage set up on this camera is that it doesn’t have the ‘overwrite oldest’ option. Once your memory card is full, you have to delete some of the images manually to free up space


The programming on this model allows you to secure your data and setting using a pass-code that you set on your own. This way you make sure that you are the only one who can access the information inside. On the external front, the camera comes with a camouflage casing making it blend in its environment. The no glow feature also makes sure than the camera remains unseen by the target when capturing images.


  • The camera has a highly reliable power system. The batteries alone can run for up to a year.
  • It captures 1080p HD images, having a 3.1 megapixel lens.
  • It has a significantly higher range of detection as compared to other gaming cameras.
  • The fast trigger speed and recovery time makes sure it doesn’t miss a moment when a target is acquired.


  • The camera does not come with video recording.
  • It doesn’t have the ‘overwrite oldest’ in the storage options.
  • It does not have any internal memory, you won’t be able to capture images without the SD card installed.
  • The camera is a bit pricy than other models with slightly same features.


Q: What is the main advantage of this model?

A: You get way more clear and vivid images. And without the video recording feature, you get a longer running time.

Q: Does the camera come with an external power source feature?

A: Unfortunately not, but it has been supplemented with the usage of rechargeable batteries. You can always just recharge your batteries once they run out.



If you are looking for a gaming camera to majorly take images, then this is the camera to go for. You will get clear images, a longer battery life and a fast trigger and recovery speed. Once you get these three features then you will not need anything else, you will have found the camera that will serve you. If you want to record videos however, then this is not the camera for you. This camera model surpasses other gaming cameras because it has modified features that are important to a gaming camera. So you get what you really need instead of excessive features that will only drain your battery. So get this camera today and evolve your experience.

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