Stealth Cam G30 Review


o you want a high quality trail camera that will enable you to capture every minute detail in the wild? Do you want a camera with a long lasting battery life? With uncountable trail cameras available in the market, it can become almost impossible to choose the best one to purchase. In this Stealth Cam G30 Review article, I will bring to your attention the various unique features of the Stealth Cam IR STC-G30 that makes it an outstanding camera in the hunting world. The article of Stealth Cam G30 Review will extensively cover everything you need to know about the G30 including its outstanding features; ease of use;trigger performance; image/video quality; battery life; its pros; cons and the frequently asked questions about this trail camera.

Product Features

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Stealth Cam G30 Trail Camera

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The G30 trail camera comes with outstanding features including the 8/4/2 Megapixel image size options; 80 feet detection range; High Definition (HD) video with 5 to 180 seconds long plus audio;9 to 10 seconds recovery speed;0.5 seconds reflex trigger-speed;70 feet flash-range with 30 Infra-red emitters; 4 inches wide, 2.5 inches deep and 5.5 inches tall size; 8 AA Alkaline/Lithium ion removable battery tray; quick set slider; SD card slot compatible with up to 32 GB memory cards; 2 line backlit LCD menu and a battery compartment with an eject button.

Apart from these magnificent features, there are many other advantages of the G30 that puts it at the top of many other trail cameras in the market.

Ease of Use

The Stealth Cam G30 is easy to set up and use compared to other low price trail cameras. With this trail camera, you will rarely need to consult the manual. In case you take a glance at the manual, you will find easy-to-follow directions on how to configure this camera. Apart from the three presets, you will also find the option of customizing according to your own style.

To set up the camera, simply put a fresh set of 8 AA lithium ion/alkaline batteries, mount with the strap and set the slider to the desired setting.

Excellent Trigger Performance

The G30 comes with a trigger performance that has been perfectly improved from the previous stealth cam models. It includes half-second reflex trigger-speed and a burst mode that takes 9 photos in 5 to 59 second delays per trigger. This trigger speed is extremely fast for such an affordable trail camera. Mostly, the 5 second recovery time is usually adequate for majority of G30 users.

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High Quality Image/Video

The G30’s 8 megapixel resolution image sensor gives it the ability to take crystal clear pictures during the day. In addition, this trail camera uses sensitive sensors with 30 Infrared emitters to capture spectacular photos even in dim light. As a result, photos taken in the rain, in the evening or at night are all of high quality.

The camera also features a matrix blur reduction that decreases motion blur which is common in trail cameras at night. Furthermore, this game camera takes high quality videos in High Definition with audio.

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Battery Life

The Stealth Cam IR STC-G30 Game Camera is powered by 8 AA batteries (which are not included) and has the ability to operate on the same set of batteries for several months which is a longer period compared to many other cheap trail cameras of its caliber. To get excellent results, it is advisable to use lithium/alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable batteries. In addition, the removable battery tray makes it easy to change the batteries.

  • Easy to set up: The setup of this trail camera is astoundingly simple. Once you learn what each preset is, it will take a minute or less to set it up. Additionally, the instructions in the manual are straight-forward and fairly decent.
  • Excellent Trigger Speed: The half-second trigger speed is excellent compared to other cheap trail cameras.
  • High quality Pictures/videos: The day/night images/videos are of high quality. In addition, the camera has a decent range.
  • This camera lacks a built-in picture viewer.
  • The recovery time is longer than expected.
  • This trail camera is cold weather temperamental showing sporadic performance below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Many customers dislike its strap. Many prefer a snap buckle instead.

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FAQs about the Stealth Cam IR STC-G30 Game Camera

Q.How long does the batteries last?

Answer: The 8 AA Lithium ion/alkaline batteries can take up to six months depending on the frequency of use.

Q.What is the average cost of the G30 trail camera?

Answer: This game camera costs around $100 or below. The price could vary slightly depending on your retailer and other related costs for instance shipping.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Stealth cam G30 is a good purchase for hunters looking for a good deal. It costs little but gives high quality images/videos. For just $100 and below you will be able to put your hands on this high quality trail camera. Furthermore, the housing of this camera is much smaller and its battery life is longer compared to other trail cameras of the same price. The camera is also compatible with both python cable and tripod which makes it pretty versatile.

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