Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Camera Review

If your passion is wildlife photography, here’s your best solution! With exceedingly accelerated prompt speeds and battery lifespan, the Stealth Cam G42NG Trail game camera has a myriad of features. Vibrant photos, High definition video clips and time-lapse observation shots, this camera has got it all. The best part is its cost-effective scheme and it surely won’t burn a hole through your pocket. Want to find out more? Read on Stealth Cam G42NG Trail Camera Review to see what it offers according to many wildlife photographers.

Compact, portable and robust

The camera’s size and features make it a good companion for all the wildlife buffs and hunters. As many Stealth Cam G42NG reviews state, this camera is durable at any weather, even rainfall and can withstand extremely high temperatures, dust and the occasional investigation of the subjects that are being captured. Setting this up for shooting is very simple because it comes with some custom modes for the most common environmental settings which can be chosen according to user’s preference. However, users can set up their own custom settings. Not only that, because of its size, it is easily camouflaged and hidden, reducing the possibilities of interruption.

Superior performance

According to many Stealth Cam G42NG reviews, this camera has exceptional performance. The Retina low-light sensitive technology allows vibrant shots of night time targets. Every click is clear and well lit so that the object is clearly visible. With a capture range of hundred feet, no subject is missed. Additionally, the multi zone option allows the camera to cover many zones in angle and distance, boosting the triggering efficiency and capacity. This results in automatic camera shots, no matter the angle and distance of the object. Not only that, the Matrix feature reduces the chances of blur images dramatically, producing sharp, well focused images as output. All these features are tied together and made more efficient by the revolutionary fast trigger speed which captures even the swiftest of movements. The burst mode on this camera doesn’t miss a beat and captures up to nine images for every trigger.

Important information on every capture

The geo-tag option tags every picture with the GPS location or the GPS co-ordinates. This allows you to record and recall the most preferred locations or the one with the most activity captured. Apart from that, the data stamp records the time, temperature, date and moon phase in the pictures. This allows the user to make future predictions of sighting, make note of the animals or objects’ habit and action patterns. Overall, this helps make documentation and study much easier than any other cameras. As many positive Stealth Cam G42NG reviews, this camera sticks to its word.

Healthier battery-span

What makes the Stealth Cam G42NG even more appealing is its energy efficient battery life-span. This feature wins over many customers’ hearts. You can now enjoy the camera in a more extended span of time. The Stealth Cam runs on Alkaline 8 AA batteries and extends battery life to almost one year. This is a compelling battery life stretch. This is a big plus for many hunters as they can prolong the enjoyment that the camera brings.

Safe and secure

The password lock function of this brilliant camera brings its skill up a notch. This is also a favorite feature of many experienced hunters and wildlife photographers. This prevents any footage or captures being accessed by anyone but the user. This heightens optimum security and makes the user experience extra safe and reassuring. In selecting a game camera, this factor should never be overlooked because the best form of safety should always be a top priority.

  • Excellent night vision captures.
  • Minimum shutter noise and light during photo captures.
  • Capture range of 100 ft.
  • Reflex prompt of 5 seconds
  • Secure password protection feature
  • Up to nine images per trigger.
  • High definition video recording (from 5 to 180 seconds) with audio.
  • Multi-zone detection ability
  • Quick and easy set-up by a flick of a switch
  • Easy to use instruction manual.
  • In the gallery, icons show the image captured.
  • Functions at its best with alkaline batteries rather than rechargeable ones. If rechargeable batteries are used during night time shoots, only light prompts a capture reaction.
  • Doesn’t support MICRO SD cards

Final verdict

After looking into the extensive features from this Stealth Cam STC-G42NG Trail Game Camera Review, the Stealth Cam G42NG has to offer and comparing its credible list of Pros and cons, we can come to a conclusion; the pros of this brilliant piece of technology definitely overtake its scarce cons which can be worked around. As everyone has their own opinions, some users were more on the favorable side whereas some were on the negative side. This camera serves its purpose, fits the bill and gives the user a bang for their buck. So don’t wait around, if you wish to use these for any purpose, its high time you get one. You won’t be disappointed!