Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP Review

Some people are into going out on hunting and other outdoor agenda and because of this, outdoor lovers and hunting enthusiasts invest their money on equipment and gears. Buying these gadgets is a must because this is one of the few things to consider in hunting and outdoor trips. A hunting enthusiast must be keen on picking their items. In this Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP Review, you will see features that are worthy enough to take on any of your trips.


Though it may appear to be not competitive with other trail or hunting cameras, this Stealth camera is quite good in taking quality pictures. With this fact alone, it is already enough that you give this tiny yet awesome camera a try. This camera has the ability to take clear and crisp pictures. Also, videos are in high definition, though it does not take too long, it is more of a picture camera than a video cam.

Rapid Burst Mode

When it comes to capturing images, the stealth camera is probably one of the best and reliable cameras known. This camera can take up to six burst pictures. If you want to take a picture of a game running or moving, this burst feature is a good pick in taking lots of pictures in a short period of time. Thus, even if the game is in motion, you can still take good and clear pictures of your desired game.

Infrared Light

The Stealth camera has this 12 infrared light that reaches up to 40 feet. This infrared light is designed to not startle any upcoming game around the area. Because it is designed like this, any game near the camera will not even notice that they are taken pictures or videos. Therefore, more chances of taking good quality pictures are likely. Any hunting enthusiast will really appreciate pictures taken from this camera. Expect that you will get more clearly taken pictures; blurry ones are less likely to be taken.

Time Lapse

The Stealth camera has this feature that allows taking pictures in a time lapse manner. This does not only take pictures and videos but is also capable of doing time lapse for your captured games. Time lapse can be really helpful when you want to compress images that are taken for hours. You can compress them all in a matter of seconds. This is all possible in this Stealth cam; this camera is quite known for its ability in making good quality time lapse pictures.

Low Battery Indicator

We all want to be reminded once in a while, even in our gadgets we all want to know when it will die down. The Stealth cam has this feature that lets you know that it needs to be recharged again. Because it has a low battery indicator, you will definitely have an idea when you will need to go home and change the batteries of your camera. This feature is totally helpful and reliable when you are hunting because you will not have troubles being caught off guard with a dead battery.


The Stealth Cam has a very strategically built casing due to its color and size.Because it is made small, it cannot be easily detected. Suspicious game will not even take notice due to its stony color. It seems like it’s just an innocent stone sitting in the corner. It is all tried and tested and just like any other trail camera, this Stealth game cam is also effective in its own way. Hunters will really appreciate this camera’s casing.

Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP Review: Pros
  • Has a mini USB port
  • Has room for your SD cards
  • Has a status display for the external LCD
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • Has a burst mode for rapid picture taking
  • Undetectable infrared light
Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 MP Review: Cons
  • Short videos
  • Recovery time may take too long
  • Detection speed is not the fastest

Final Verdict

This Stealth Cam P12 may not be the best trail and hunting camera around but with its reasonable price, you will really be contented with this game camera. Though its megapixels are not that high, it is still a guarantee that the pictures taken are in good quality. Videos are also in high definition though it is only for a short period of time. Rapid burst is also a good feature for you can take a lot of pictures in a rapid mode.

The infrared light is also something to take notice of; game will not even notice that they are already captured. You can also take time lapse and is something you can truly use. Its low battery indicator is also something we all can rely on. The only negative thing about this camera is that its videos are short and the recovery and the detectors may take too long. Well, pros are much greater than the cons so it is still good to give this camera a try.