Tasco 3MP Trail Camera Review

A hunter’s best friend – Tasco 3MP Trail Camera

Do you love going out on adventure trips with your family and impress your children with your wildlife knowledge? Do you like getting in touch with the wildlife and nature? Well, if you sure do, then how would you like to take it up a notch with a device for your next hunting trip to capture all of your moments? The moments in the woods – planning and executing your hunting moves. If these questions arouse your interest, then you have just found a new best friend – the Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera. So, here is the Tasco 3MP Trail Camera Review to help you.

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This trail camera comes with a 3-megapixel camera which allows you to record short videos and capture photographs. The picture quality or the photo quality is very good, and in fact it is comparable to other digital cameras with the same resolution. It supports a full-color resolution, meaning almost all the beautiful colors of nature can be captured in an image or a video. The video length that can be shot with this trail camera is that of 15 seconds, which is more than enough for a trail camera. You really won’t be disappointed with the quality of the videos shot or the pictures taken.


This trail camera has a Xenon flashlight which has a range of up to 30 feet and an infrared sensor which can pick up movements of up to 45 feet. What this means for you is that this camera offers a great way for nighttime photography with a great picture quality too. The photographs captured have a date, time and moon phase stamp, to add to your personal collection dedicated to your love for hunting.


Usually, setting up trail cameras can be tricky, but with the Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera, it just couldn’t have been easier.The control panel is very simple, sleek and easy to use. It has five buttons and their functions are very easy to be understood with the help of the instruction manual. And, the LCD panel helps you in the entire process. So, once you’ve understood the functions, all that you’d have to do it mount the camera, and insert the memory card. Set up the functions as requested in the manual, after which you can test its results. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, you’re all set to have a perfect hunting trip. It’s so easy that even a six-year-old boy can do it.

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The Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera runs on 4 C-Cell batteries and has a mammoth battery life of around 90 days. So, you will be less worried about the next change of batteries for this camera than for the other.


As mentioned in all the above points, there is simply no reason to reject this trail camera. It’s very light on the pocket, and it very easy to use. The features that it offers are superb, actually. And, the picture quality and resolution do not have another match. The battery life is another major reason why you should go for this trail camera. The Tasco 3 MP Trail Camera really is a hunter’s best friend.

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