Top Ten Best Micro SD Cards Recommended for A Hunting Camera

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Hunting is an experience worth sharing this makes your camera vital but more importantly your choice of micro SD card. When it comes to picking the best micro SD card for your hunting camera –read-write speed, speed class and most importantly value for money are the top factors to look out for. The speed class and write speed are what enable one to shoot high definition videos and pictures in quick succession if need be. These are top 10 best micro SD cards recommended for a hunting camera;

01.Transcend SDXC Ultimate- 64 GB


Speed and quality are the two things this card delivers without compromise. An Ultra High Speed class U3 card offering write speeds of up to 85 MB/s and read speeds of 95 MB/s, making it the fastest card around. It is fully capable of taking the highest video quality which is the 4K Ultra HD. Transcend have ensured optimum customer experience by offering a recovery software that can be conveniently downloaded from their website. This is the priciest option going for $71 but it has excellent value.

02.SanDisk Extreme SDSDQX-032G-U46A PLUS -32GB

The card packs some speed as it is a class 10 UHS class U3 (Ultra HD) card. It gives you write speeds of up to 80 MB/s and read speeds of up to 600x(90 MB/s). Its compatibility with quite a large number of cameras makes it an excellent choice but its ability to support full HD videos and 4K ultra HD videos takes it a notch higher. You get all this plus an SD card adaptor for the fair price of $ 49.

03.Samsung MB-HC PRO-32 GB

Samsung have given SanDisk a run for their money with this micro SD card. A read speed of up to 600x (90 MB/s) and a writing speed of up to 80 MB/s making it quite impressive. It is however classified as UHS class U1 although it doesn’t fall short in any performance aspect which makes the bargain price of $29.99 a great value for money. The excellent performance it offers combined with compatibility with a wide array of cameras make for an unbeatable combination.

SanDisk Extreme SDSDQXL-032G-G46A Mobile-32 GB

This micro SD card is the underdog that seeks to prove itself. It offers higher read and write speeds than declared while offering reliable performance thus its popularity. Offering read speeds of up to 89MB/s and write speeds of up to 58 MB/s and a classification of UHS-1 class U1. A recovery software free for a year and accessed to SanDisk memory zone by downloading the software are also bonuses one gets. The card is compatible with numerous cameras including some pro cameras while having a market price of $27.

Lexar High Performance Micro SDHC- 32 GB

This micro SD card offers the fastest read speeds in the market of 633x (95 MB/s). The write speeds are not as fast coming in at around 45 MB/s but it popularity stems from the ability to handle a substantial amount of data after shooting. It is classified as a UHS-1 class U1 but it offers excellent performance despite the classification and can be used in many HD cameras. The card retails for $38 and comes with a highly convenient USB 3.0 reader.

Samsung EVO MB-MG32D-32GB

This micro SD card has out done itself when it comes to a comparison between quality and price. This has made it the bestselling card worldwide offering read speeds of up to 300x (48 MB/s) and write speeds of up to 45 MB/s. A performance that is close to rivalling its PRO competitors for a price slash of up to 60 percent as it retails at $18. It makes an excellent addition to a hunting camera as it is water proof, not sensitive to extreme temperatures, magnets, shock or x-rays.

Kingston micro SDHC-32GB

This card has been known to reach up to 90 MB/s read speeds and 30MB/s write speeds which is impressive in many ways. It is classified as USH-1 class U3 providing not only HD video capacities but also 4K Ultra HD. Its compatibility capabilities making it even more impressive as it can also be used in non USH-1 devices. The built-in write protect switch ensures your data is protected from accidental loss. These features make this card on to reckon with as it retails for as low as $25.

Kingston Micro SDXC Card-64 GB

This card is made to impress you when it comes to performance offering a read speed of up to 90 MB/s and write speeds of up to 30 MB/s. This makes it a great contender as it also classified as a USH-1 class U-1 offering high quality videos as well as pictures. It is versatile as it comes with an adaptor and compatible with numerous devices while retailing at a pocket friendly price of $ 27. It also comes with a life time warranty and support.

Samsung MB-MPBGC Plus -32GB

Reliability is one thing this card brings to the table, offering its users read speeds of up to 300x(45 MB/s) and write speeds of up to 30 MB/s. It offers Full HD filming capabilities and not much higher but is reliable for these camera types and lower capacity ones. It is the predecessor to the EVO but it is still impressive despite not meeting the same performance standards. The price however matches the EVO’s with the card retailing at $ 18 too.


This card wins the trophy when it comes to pricing, retailing at a ridiculously low price of $14. This does not however mean that performance was a compromise, providing an impressive read speed of 87 MB/s and write speed of 19 MB/s. This micro SD card is impressive as it can be used in action cameras offering Full HD capabilities and is compatible with other numerous cameras and devices. This budget card deserves a spot on the list plus it comes with and SD adapter as the icing on the cake.


The transcend is the top contender when it comes to best micro SD card for a hunting camera as it offers excellent performance and picture quality while its roomy nature makes it highly convenient to the user. This does not take any credit away from all the Micro SD cards featured on the list as they each offer a unique set of advantages that would make them an excellent choice for a hunting camera.

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