Are you a lover of nature, camper, hiker or adventurer who is particularly thrilled with very dangerous animals, terrain or other remote locations that are generally unsafe for humans? Would you like to be in possession of a trail camera that is capable of relaying live images and signals from remote locations? Are you intent on capturing and storing countless images and video clips? If your answer is YES, then Uway MB500 Wireless Trail Camera is your ultimate solution. This camera is designed for use in extremely remote environments by virtue of being able to relay images in a wireless manner beside other salient features.

Features and Specifications

The following are the most outstanding features and specifications of Uway MB500 Wireless Trail Camera: So read our Uway MB500 Review bellow:


This camera is extremely versatile. This is brought about by a number of factors such as compatibility with several devices such as cell phones, e-mail networks, laptops, smart phones, and other electronic gadgets; as well as the fact that it is suited for a range of tasks such as the capture and subsequent storage of images and videos. This makes the camera to deliver much more than the total cost for which it is acquired, a fact that subsequently ensures maximum returns on the amount invested by users.

HCO Uway MB500 Blackout Flash Wireless Scouting Camera

Outstanding Performance:

The trail camera does produce very outstanding performance indeed. It is weatherproof meaning that it can be used throughout all the four major seasons; it produces images of extremely high quality; it can store unlimited number of images due to the fact that it can accommodate external storage of up to 32GB; has a very large detection range of up to 50 feet; has a very fast trigger time of around 1.1 seconds, among others. It therefore delivers the very best results for users.

Ease of Set-up and Use:

This camera is very easy to use and set up. It does not require any unusual technical expertise; neither does it need any specialized equipment such as computers to set up. Any other user such as complete novices, through to the professional cameramen may therefore find this camera quite relevant and easy to work with. The fact that it transmits images and data wirelessly makes it even more handy and convenient for use in very remote locations.

Ease of Data Transmission:

This trail camera does transmit the data so captured in a very convenient and easy way. It basically uses the cellular networks for the said task thereby negating the need for the users to be individually physically present at the site for the said purpose. Consequently, the camera may be used in very dangerous and hazardous scenes such as areas under volcanic eruptions, areas that have dangerous animals, and very thick and inaccessible areas such as dense forests where humans may not naturally reach.


  • Total invisible blackout flash
  • Cellular wireless Trail camera
  • Easy to setup without PC
  • Pictures can be shared with MMS or Email


Final Verdict

Uway MB500 Wireless Trail Camera is undoubtedly the king of all trail cameras as can be deduced from the foregoing review. This is mainly due to the fact it can transmit signals wirelessly and hence usable in very remote locations. Any serious hunter, scout, lover of nature, or environmental enthusiast will therefore find it not only a “must have”, but by all means indispensible.