Wild Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights Out Review

The Ultimate Wild Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights Out Review

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Are you fed up with blurred images? Are you in search of a camera that is capable of capturing both motion pictures and still pictures simultaneously? Do you want to be capable of capturing images round the clock including during the night? If YES, then Wild Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights Out Hunting Trail Camera is the camera you have been looking for. Equipped with a 10 MP camera, a 2.4 inches color screen, 70 feet flash range, a 60 piece high intensity infrared invisible Light Emitting Diodes, and the ability to capture very clear images round-the-clock, this camera is the hunter’s ultimate companion!

Features and Specifications

The following are the most outstanding features and specifications of Wild Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights Out Review:


This camera is suited for a range of uses and functions. It can capture both still images and motion pictures when in the video mode, not to forget of course the fact that it can also record sound. This negates the need for the use of different electronic gadgets while capturing the desired image; a fact that greatly minimizes inconveniences encountered by users. It also enables users to enjoy all the benefits of image capturing in one simple and convenient package.

Operational Efficiency:

The camera is very easy to use. It has very clear labels that are very visible to users as well as a manufacturer’s manual that guides users in each step. There is therefore no need for the possession of technical expertise in the levels of those of professional cameramen. Consequently, all manner of users ranging from complete novices to intermediate users to professional cameramen will find this camera pretty relevant and easy to use. It is therefore everyone’s camera!

Outstanding Performance:

This camera delivers very outstanding performance and results indeed! It can capture both still images and motion pictures; it can record sound; it has a fairly large console for enhanced visibility; it has a 10 MP camera for wider range of view; it can capture images both day and night thanks to the infra-red capability; and delivers images of very high quality (High Definition) mode, just to mention but a few! Users are therefore guaranteed of very high returns on their money invested.


This camera is made of very durable parts and components that make it very long lasting. Its parts are made of very tough materials; are water and weather-resistant; and are also adjustable to fit in just about every other crevice. It therefore requires less maintenance; a fact that is greatly reduces the amount of money, attention and focus from users. The amounts of money so saved by these users can thus be channeled to other areas that equally matter.


This camera is extremely light in weight. It weighs just about 2.2 pounds (997 grams). It is therefore pretty easy to lift, carry around, and subsequently deploy to the intended area of use. Users are therefore absolved of the inconveniences that are typical of similar yet bulky cameras. Furthermore, this particular camera is also compact in size which further makes it quite easy to set in the desired point of capturing images. These two traits make the use of the camera quite convenient.


The major benefits and advantages of Wild-Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights-out Hunting Trail Camera Review are:

  • It is very portable and compact in size.
  • It produces images of very high quality.
  • It has the ability to capture images both day and night.


The most notable drawbacks and shortcomings of Wild-Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights-out Hunting Trail Camera Review are:

  • It consumes too much power since it requires 12 AA batteries to power up.
  • It cannot be interfaced to a personal computer. For that reason, it is quite difficult to share images.

FAQ of Wild Game Innovations Crush 10X Lights Out Review

Q1. What is the ideal temperature range for this camera?

  1. Somewhere in between -5 degrees Fahrenheit and 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q2. Is the camera mountable on a shotgun?

  1. NO, it isn’t!

Q3. Is the camera usable with a solar kit?

  1. YES, it is!

Final Verdict

is undoubtedly the trail camera of choice. It is as a matter of fact the ultimate solution to all the imaging needs of professional hunters. Its superior features, compact size, and light weight are very irresistible; the aforementioned drawbacks and shortcomings, notwithstanding! It is there a “must-have” for the lovers of nature, campers, hikers, scouts, mountain climbers, and hunters.