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Wildview STC-WV24k1 TK24 Trail Camera Review

Are you looking for a decent trail camera? Wildview TK30 Trail Camera can be a good choice for you. Let’s have a look its features through the Wildview tk24 review.
This camera is a best and convenient way to take great quality of pictures of your prey. Because this WIldview tk24 trail camera has a 6MP resolution. But you can also capture 3MP from its Quick Set simple switch programming.
It can shoot HD quality video with crystal clear audio recording. According to its feature this camera can produce 15, 30 and 60 per second each video clip as per your need.

Now lets have an overview with The Wildview TK24 Review about its notable Futures


The ultra compact design look of this trail camera will give you new feel. This camera is very durable and weather resistant for lasting longer. Its dimension is 3.875 x 4.875 inch. This trail camera also has an SD card slot that accepts up to 32 GB SD memory card. And this trail camera has quite impressive battery life. This camera runs with AA8 Lithium Battery. The advanced 24 infrared emitters with a 30-foot range proving great image quality in low light condition both day and night time. The Multi-Zone Detection Circuit enables multiple angled zones and distance to perform maximum triggering accuracy of the camera.


This camera is popular by many people for its features and portability. Not only features are too great. But also you can set it up easily to any location and weather. No need any technical knowledge or any extra tools to set up this trail camera. So this is one of the ideal choices for both experts and beginners.


Triad Armed technology and The ZX7 Gen 2 Processor are an advance innovation in the hunting gear industry. This Tide technology and The ZX7 2nd generation processor supercharge trail cameras. The ZX7 2nd generation processor helps to increase faster trigger speeds, extended more battery life. Other hand, Triad Armed technology allows easier installation of the camera anywhere.
Gen 2 Processor, along with TRIAD armed technology, and supercharges scouting cameras, creating faster trigger speeds, increasing battery life and featuring easier set-up the trail camera.

Burst Rapid-Fire Mode

This camera has a burst rapid-fire mode and The Reflex Sub 1-second trigger which enable of 1 / 3 / 6 images per triggering. This trail camera has a great HD quality video with crystal clear audio recording feature. It is also included data time code stamping, which are recognized as great tools for editing clips stated by its manufacturing company. This wildview tk24 trail camera has a unique external LCD status display allows to display the update of various indicators including test mode with USB output. This display also works as an indicator of its battery status.



  • External Status Display
  • Ultra compact and durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • HD video with clear audio recording
  • Burst Rapid Fire Mode
  • Test Mode
  • 8 AA batteries for long battery life


  • 30ft Range
  • Low recovery time


  • 24 IR Emitters / 30ft range
  • 20 Sec / 1 min / 5 min / 10 min Time Out
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase enabled
  • Supports up to 32GB SD cards
  • Test Mode
  • USB output
  • External power jack for 12V battery box (Not included)


Q. How much memory included with this trail camera to take pictures?

Answer: It has a little internal memory. But I could not find how much on the user manual. So I would urge upon you to use a couple of SD cards. I personally use 16 GB SD card and keep another clean and formatted. When I remove full stored pictures, I would insert that clean and formatted SD card. And yes, of course you can also buy a backup battery. This battery life time is quite impressive, but they won’t last for good!


This is an amazing camera for both beginner and expert level. This camera is definitely an ultra compact and durable, designed and enable you easy to set up without any extra technical knowledge. This is highly recommended for its great camera performance with accurate targeting the game both day and night.