Wildview TK30 Review

Wildview TK30 Review

Are you tired of bulky cameras that are difficult to handle and set appropriately? Are you in search of that trail camera that consumes less power, and is capable of capturing and recording images both day and night? Do you want to use as minimal power as possible while capturing that image? Would you like to be in possession of a camera that shall grant you access to unlimited storage of your images? If your response to all these questions is YES, then Wildview TK30 Trail Camera is what you have been looking for all along! Its features form the basis of the proceeding discussions. Lets Check the Wildview TK30 Review.

Features and Specifications

The following are the key features and specifications of Wildview TK30 Trail Camera:


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Wildview TK40 Trail Camera

Wildview TK30 is an ideal trail camera for tracking the game, whatever and wherever you want. So pick today yours one.

The camera is pretty easy to set up and operate. This is due to the facts that the control functions which mainly come in the form of toggle switches are few and quite easy to trigger; and that no additional tools are required for its set up. For these reasons, the camera can be used conveniently by just about every other user ranging from complete novices who lack any technical expertise to professional cameramen besides greatly expediting time in the course of usage.

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Outstanding Performance and Results

This camera delivers very outstanding results and performance indeed. This is due to a combination of factors such as: very low trigger speeds of just about 0.5 seconds; fairly low recovery time of around 20 seconds; unlimited storage due to the fact that it does support up to 32GB of SD external storage; high definition picture quality; up to six shots per trigger; a wide detection angle of 48ft; and a very wide field of view of around 50ft.


This camera is pretty light, compact in size, and thus very easy to lift, carry around and deploy to the desired location of use with minimal inconveniences. This is due to the fact that it is very small (it measures around 5 inches by 4 inches by 1.8 inches) and weighs only 1.3 pounds. The users of the camera are thus absolved from the unnecessary inconveniences that are characteristic of the users of competitor’s cameras a fact that significantly makes it stand out.


This camera is suited for diverse uses. Its primary use is for capturing images. However, it also has the ability to store images; capture and store video clips; and share images with other more or less compatible devices such as laptops. Moreover, it also has the ability to capture and record images during moments of low visibility such as night times courtesy of the Infrared mode. For these reasons, the camera does return very high value for the money so invested by users.

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  • 8 MP
  • Faster trigger speed
  • Durable Design
  • Weather Resistant
  • LCD status display
  • Time lapse function
  • 30 IR Emitters with 40ft range
  • Burst Mode with time lapse function
  • Clear HD Video with Audio Recording


  • Battery Life Little Bit Poor
  • Low recovery time


Q: Is wildview TK30 trail camera waterproof?

It is weather and water resistant. Not waterproof. This camera specially made for outdoors and protect from weather damages.

1. Does it allow imprint date and time of picture?

Yes, It has a time lapse function. So it can do that.

Final Verdict

Your search for the ideal camping, hunting, and trail camera comes to a complete halt with the encounter with Wildview TK30 Trail Camera. That’s because, as can be clearly seen from the forgoing discourse, the camera embodies all the requisite features and technical specifications of the ideal hunting camera such as versatility, operational efficiency, ease-of-use, and portability in a single, compact and comprehensive package.

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