Wildview TK40 Review

Wildview TK40 Review

A Comprehensive and Honest Wildview TK40 Review. So you’re in search for the best camera that provides seamless images both during the day and at night? The Wildview TK40 trail camera that utilizes infrared LEDs provides color still pictures and video during the day, in addition to B&W at night. The overall quality of the video is great, and it’s the best trail camera for documenting wildlife activities. Here’s a comprehensive and honest Wildview TK40 review.

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Wildview TK40 Trail Camera

Wildview TK40 is an ideal trail camera for anyone who want to explore adventurous hunting planet. So grab your own one.

The Wildview TK40 trail camera encompasses a ZX7 processor and TRIAD technology that supercharges scouting cameras. Consequently, it crafts faster trigger speeds while boosting battery life. It also features easy set-up that allows you to set it up in less than five minutes. Here’s a list and descriptions of Wildview TK40 trail camera specs. Take a look:


720P High Definition video

The camera features 720P High Definition video that encompasses data time code stamping. This is a perfect tool when it comes to editing your final footage. Its HD video setting is similarly capable of 15/30/60 seconds.

Two resolution settings

The 8MP camera comes with two resolution settings that provide still imagery. Due to its simple switch set-up, programming the TK40 is absolutely instant—and hence it doesn’t waste even a single second when it comes to programming the camera

NO-GLO night vision

The new camera features No-GLO night vision. This feature is substantial because it lets you capture your wildlife in their natural settings. It doesn’t discharge any light that can spook animals in their surroundings—hence you’ve all it takes to capture your target animals with absolute comfort.

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40 Black IR infrared emitters

It’s possible to capture night images with TK40 through the use of its extraordinary 40 Black IR infrared emitters. The emitters consist of a 50-foot range that guarantees the quality of videos and photos captured. In addition, the 50-foot range with IR 40/30 control allows you to adjust your light output to precise scouting scenarios. Thus, you can either increase or decrease the light intensity depending on your own needs.

Time, date and moon phase

The camera also features time/date/moon phase as well as temperature stamp. It helps in identifying the exact wildlife habits so you can easily start your snapping venture.

Additional features

  • An SD card slot
  • Rugged and durable weather proof casing
  • Burst mode
  • External LCD status display
  • USB output

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  • Fast It has the fastest trigger speed of less than one second.
  • No-glow flash – The fact that this exceptional camera comprises a non-glow flash is definitely a big bonus because it doesn’t spook the game. Its flash has a very adequate range, and produces stunning night time pictures.
  • Easy to set up and operate – The TK40 has toggle switch controls, making it easy to set it up and operate. In fact, there’s no need of the instruction manual since the set-up process isn’t intricate.
  • AA batteries – Although the battery life of the camera is slightly below the average, it utilizes AA batteries. Thus, it’s easy to incorporate the use of NiMH or Lithium batteries with it and save more time and money.


  • Long recovery time – One of the major drawbacks of the camera is its long recovery time of about 20 seconds. It limits the utilization of this model and makes it more suitable for feeders and bait stations.
  • It lacks python cable compatibility – While TK40 consists of an integrated strap loop for mounting, it lacks python cable for compatibility. This is a major imperfection because most of the other contemporary trail cameras do have it.


Q. How much memory included with this trail camera to take pictures?

Ans. It has a little internal memory. But I could not find how much on the user manual. So I would urge upon you to use a couple of SD cards. I personally use 16 GB SD card and keep another clean and formatted. When I remove full stored pictures, I would insert that clean and formatted SD card. And yes, of course you can also buy a backup battery. This battery life time is so good, but they don’t last for good!


The Wildview TK40 is absolutely the best option if you’re searching for affordable no-glow camera in the market. It’s similarly the best pick for those in search for easy-to-use camera to feeder and bait station. Consequently, this is a great product because you can even use it to monitor your property in your home. It’s a great buy!

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